Burblespew halescourge is a wee bit too easy after most recent patch (Champion)

After a few runs on champion difficulty I found that the adds that now spawn during the defensive phase only came in packs of two and consisted of the Fanatics and Raiders.

Having no specials spawning around or higher tier mobs meant Bumbleybew Snailscourge died after the first defensive phase.

I don’t know what I would do to change the fight for the better but I don’t mind harder add phases during bosses as long as I don’t have to be keeping an eye out for last minute effects from the boss I have to dodge. Those add phases give a bit of breathing room and let me gain some temp health allowing me to make more mistakes during the bosses active phase.

We did a couple more today and during the platform phase he didn’t cast the bees at all only the green homing lazer things.

Love the patch, it does feel more rewarding to do boss maps now and they are some of my favorite maps.


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You probably just had high powered range group. Biggest problem with halescourge is he is so anti-melee and if your team doesn’t have the BH/Pyro/Waystalker/Huntsman trinity + Ironbreaker then the fight drags on a long time. Anyway, by nerfing it like this they give people some space to learn the mechanics without getting wrecked so fast, while encouraging players to actually try and finish the map isntead of suicide at start. And when Fatshark buffs the fight a bit in the future players will be able to keep up.

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As mentioned, it’s a very comp dependent fight. Also, none of the other bosses were really that challenging before except Rasknitt, who was also extremely range comp dependent but now seems more balanced.

This, 100% this… the IB 3 ranged meta is supreme in this game. Especially IB over FK because baradin is easier to shoot over :smiley:

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Our little team is shade, zealot and slayer with Beam Sienna. When we fight Yaleburp Kanklescrew we just clear adds and stay safe until the platform phase then nuke him down in one rotation of CDs while Sienna clears the adds and bees.

While I agree it can be easy just to ranged down bosses it isn’t the be all end all.

I think Rasknitt is great after the changes. I actually feel like I can duck and weave around his rotation and have some actual time to melee him.

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I think now is good… before, he was a spike of difficulty in comparison with other maps.

We also had problems with him before the patch. I think focusing on just dodging his abilities and getting damage in safely really helped.

We made a rule that whenever he is teleporting around we just stand as far away as possible and don’t chase him so we dodge the green poison ghosts. Chasing him as melee or trying to reposition as ranged during this phase is really hard so we just cut it out all together.

the gr8 bs of that boss was on legend
4 CW 6+zerkers +others adds. and some time if u are lucky u get gas rat from off arena or stormdude casting off arena GG

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seems incredibly easy now. the adds were never a problem unless he broke or spawned 4 chaos warriors at once. just save cooldowns/pots/bombs for them and kill them right as they drop. as of now he’s basically a free emp chest as long as people understand the basic tactic, IE stay spread and don’t all clump on the guy he’s firing towards.