Burblespue Halescourge Boss Fight - Bugged "Disabling flies" Attack

When burblespue starts summoning the “Disabler Flies” or whatever they’re called (you know the ones who incapacitate you until someone runs over and whacks them off of you), their assets/models freeze in place if there’s many of them up at the same time, while their actual hitbox is still coming towards the player.

So you might see two of these projectiles a couple meters away, frozen, and then suddenly you’re disabled by one of them even though nothing is seen close to you.

I haven’t gotten the map if QP for some time now so I’m not sure how it works with a 4-man team, but when I’m running it solo it’s 100% consistent every time he starts summoning them. Makes the fight basically impossible because you can’t see where they actually are, other than the false model frozen somewhere along the way. Maybe its an issue that has something to do with there being too many up at the same time / when they all target the same player? If someone else has seen the same in QP it would be great if you could comment that as well.

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Here is a Video.

Looks like it is already happening with only one swarm.

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Hey that’s exactly what I mean. Thanks for the video evidence!

Have you guys figured out how in the hell you are supposed to dodge his magic ghost attacks? For the life of me, its so random, sometimes I get utterly punished by them, other times I do the exact same style of dodging and I can somehow sidestep the ghosts. But I don’t understand the attack pattern. Has anyone else figured it out yet? Sometimes I swear I feel like I sidestepped the ghost, but I hear that resounding SPLOCH sound and immediately realize I just got whacked by a stupid ghost.

I hate this boss fight only because the damage I take from these attacks is so random from one game to the next. I find even Rasknitt/Deathrattler or Bodvarr or Skarrik more manageable. Although on paper they definitely need more “skill” to do well consistently.

  1. You can hide behind the thin wooden posts
  2. Do not dodge until the last second when you see one coming toward you or you might move into one that wouldn’t have hit you otherwise. Their hitbox is thin but your dodge may push you too far as many are fired out.

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