Various bugs 2.0.8

Battle wizzard teleport with some invisibility - went bad, i wanted to teleport forward, i could see the circle on the ground, then i ended up on the roof. Maybe the banner pushed me up, but as i remember correctly, the banner was placed before i teleported. Cannot move when I was up, just turn. Elf shot me and I literally downed from above. Then got upped, staying invisible, enemies did not target me until I used teleport again. Others said that i was totally invisible, no outlines whatsoever.

Handmaiden dashed into a barn - during dash CW pushed, ended up caged in like a cow. Against the grain, first tome. Cannot come out.

Levitating Minotaur - for the duration of the boss fight it slashed all over midair, cannot go back. The boss came from where we have to to for the 3rd tome, but ended up in the air. Easiest Minotaur kill of the time.

Blightstormer with X-ray vision - I printscreened it too late, but where the circle points, the conjuring came through the wall. The blightstormer was behind it standing on the ground, he could have no vision over us. On the picture you can see some green stuff, remnants of the conjuring.

Math - as can be seen, the scoreboard has serious issues with calculating. 5+5=150 (maybe it’s because the DoT, but 11+6=20?; 66+11=79?)? The elf’s total kills are correct only.

Backstab sounds missing - Okay, the Beastmen are ambushers. But please, fix the sounds already. Still missing, sometimes there are noone behind me, and from frontal attack a backstab sound is triggered.

Beastmen ignores physics - On Fort Br. when you pass through the river filled with debris, you got stuck on every single little stone, but the Mighty Beastmen can pass through the stones, can stand IN the stones (one of them had it’s head showing only, but still hitting), passing through the big trees in the river, surrounding you and of course killing you in 2 hits. I got enough of today’s bugs, so I did not take a screenshot, sorry.

Enemies tent to clip inside this wall too pretty badly

That teaches the mino to try out of bounds stuff. If slayer and BW have to suffer for it so can he.

Beastmen is dumbushers. They spawn literally in your face. Their horde music is afwul (if played, coz most times not). And they ve got no start horde sign (horn DOODOO) like both skaven and northlanders have

And frontal backstab happens probably cause units try to slide their running attack all way to the slot behind you. Cause why not.

Yeah that’s definitely burning damage, there should be an extra row for DoT kills.
Some changes were made how kills are managed, maybe you have seen stuff like it: All kills from enemy area attacks (like slams from bosses or ranged attacks) will account them to them, so for example ‘Chaos Spawn kills SV’ is shown in the kill feed. But there is more; if you push an enemy of a ledge that results in their death, it will also count towards your kills, being neither melee nor ranged. That’s different from before 2.0 where those ‘kills’ did not count for the Scoreboard. Also, if you are the last one to hit them (but not killing them) and they then get pushed of a ledge, the kill goes to the dmg dealer, not the one that pushed (or smth like that, am not quite sure about some instances).

I would like to add one thing: Beastmen, to be specific Gors (Ungors are far beyond that), have an higher attack range then the normal push range (2.5) as well as some attack ranges from Ü5 weapons. That’s why you sometimes feel they shouldn’t have hit you, because you think you did everything right. They really should not have that range as the main horde enemies.

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