Some bugs

Blightreaper, end event. At this stairs a monk went below it, into the mass of the stairs, hitting players from inside. It did a quick slash combo when clipped into the stairs.

Visual bug, no need to explain.

Blightreaper, before the end event. Enemies go hrough this metal gate without any problem. No hopping over it, just going through like the gate would be non-existent.

Another visual issue, Burgertower after the first tome.

No enemies have sound if they drop from an upper section to the ground where the player is. If they are beastmen, they dont have either. Strange, because the make such noise when walk that other sounds are surpassed by it. But dropping makes no sound by those hooves.

We encountered today that the backstab sounds are still acting weird. I had backstabs when the game didn’t play the sound entirely and there were times when single enemy hit in during the sound.

Spawn system acting wierd as well. The game spawns in a lot of specials. A few days ago we had a veteran match with a low level friend and more than 100 specials were present. The specials still arriving in twins, 2 of them comes most of the time. Sometimes clipping into each other, like in 1 body there are 2.
Oh, and i saw today another mauler spawning right behind a bot from thin air before my eyes.

That’s it for now.

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