Giant list of bugs new and old that still plague the game

-Silent blightstormers when casting the storm, silent when the storm beam is going out, silent vortexes that move around with no sound, the vortex also suffers from terrain clipping where you cant see it at all when its on uneven terrain so if its not almost/completely flat terrain you are going to have a bad time unless you can get away from it.

-Silent leeches/stormers when they are teleporting around or near a player. The grabbing beam sound from the leech is also silent.

-Leeches teleport behind you silently and the grabbing sound is also silent.

-Leeches instantly teleporting and grabbing a player with no delay. Its so fast the animation does not play correctly.

-Leeches can teleport inside your body and grab you because you cant attack/push them yourself.

-Hookrats not making any sound when running through a horde or you cant distinguish between the hookrat and the horde because the horde is too loud.

-Hookrats are silent when running around most of the corners in the game and dont make sound from behind.

-Assassins that dont jump onto a player but instead just appear on a player instantly disabling and dealing damage with no chance to react to it.

-Assassins will almost always fake smoke bomb a player, its got so bad that the new meta is just to keep pushing/attacking where you see the assassin fake smoke bomb because its almost never a real teleport.

-Gunners standing idle fully reloaded around corners then shooting once someone turns that corner. I doubt this one is intended because that is a mechanic gunners are not supposed to have…

-Facespawning patrols. The first drop off point on the war camp is a good example of this because there is a buggy patrol spawn there that spawns next players and starts instantly attacking.

-Facespawning bosses. This is almost always a twitch boss spawning but can happen in normal games too. The problem is when a boss spawns in it shouldnt spawn so close that it grabs/damages a player instantly.

-Specials and other enemy types spawning behind other enemies.

-Specials spawning in the open and even spawning in the direction im looking. This is a huge problem with hookrats/assassins because you either end up insta hooked sometimes with no out or you are almost always hyperspeed jumped at by a assassin.

-Trash/elite enemies of all types spawning in and out of existence. Sometimes its just once and they’re gone but i’ve seen it happen many times to either 1 or a group of enemies that i was about to start attacking.

-Silent enemies that spawn around a player and instantly attack them without warning which means no sound, no whoosh. You take the damage or get disabled by a special and theres nothing you can do about it.

-Silent patrols regardless if its sv/cw/beastmen or they dont make any sounds until they’re right on top of you, at which point they’ve already spotted you and start attacking you.

-Silent hordes from behind, this constantly happens almost every single horde.

-Bosses dont make a roaring aggro sound when they spawn in from twitch but it happens in the normal game too and the boss switching aggro sound rarely ever plays.

-No whoosh sound, im lucky if it plays 10% of the time. I’ve lost count of how many times i turn around only to see half a horde behind me with no indication that its there but its not just hordes, its all enemy types including bosses.

-Players/bots falling/sliding off maps in many different locations and not instantly dying so you have to wait for them to bleed out. Please undo the code that changed this because 100s of new places are now in the game where players/bots can fall/slide off the map and not insta die putting the others in the group in a terrible position.

-Bots getting stuck on the majority of ladders in the game and the poison during the garden of morr finale event.

-Bots running after specials to kill them with melee when they have range ammo or infinite ammo weapons which can kill them at range. This is with or without the approved mod to make bots better.

-Bots running in front of players when the player is shooting enemies at range. I understand bots are running in front of players to protect them from enemies but when there are no enemies in front of players why is this bot behaviour even there? Remove it.

-Players respawning at dodgy locations:
Nest. All the respawn points after the last 2 drop off points need looking at they are too far from each other.
Empire. The respawn points before/after the first grim and until you get to the basement drop off point need looking at. The problem with the area just before the first grim is players can respawn before a drop off point which means they cant play the rest of the game.
Grain. There is a boss trigger that can put a boss wall near/up on the stone wall where the ammo box and 2 guaranteed healing items are and if a player respawns it will be past the boss wall near the 2nd tome/grim.
All chaos wastes maps with a stand your ground event that dont automatically start need looking at because players will respawn before/after the event taking them out the entire event fight or they respawn behind the group before a drop off point which means they cant play the rest of the game.

-Chaos wastes map respawns points need looking at. Theres too many maps/locations to name where players will respawn 2-3 respawn points away even if you are running backwards to try and get a closer respawn point for whoever died.

-Enchanters lair wall/windows are a big reason i dont play the map. Theres too many locations to mention where stormers can cast through the walls/windows which is a nightmare when playing twitch or a deed with +specials on it.

When i say things are silent or make no sound its not every single time but its high enough that its made me make these type of threads before.

All the devs have to do is play the game for a couple of mins to a couple of hours for part of 1 day to see every single bug i’ve listed.


Couple of minutes but Some of those never occured to me i n 2k hours of playing. Most time sounds are there but there is too much other and you will miss them, watching your own playthrough from recording shows most of those are player fault.

Woosh sounds is notorious to not trigger when there is some very long runing attack, but thats more problem of running attacks and they do a lot of problems.

Bots are just there to be, not to carry you, they are just placeholder for normal players. Don’t expect them to be any good.

Enchanters lair yeah its still not fixed though it was reported few times that windows are stupidly broken and give free unfair advantage to blightstormers.

I’ve experienced all of these too. The sound ones have only gotten worse.

Also The Pit, in the first Grim/Tome area, always spawns people in the middle of the map, sometimes even when you’re passed the area, so you have to go backwards.

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yeah i agree, my personel impression of most of these bugs is that most of them almost never occure or are exeedingly rare.
especially the sound related bugs, i’ve know them from back in the days, but these days sound works 99% exactly how i imagine it should.

but @CallMeCC has a few points that are true for me also, like through wall casts…
i’ve also had a few times where a teammate would spawn in a earlier stage of the game with no access to them.

the irregular perception of the sound realted bugs make me wonder if it might be Host/client related as i host most of the time, or perhaps it even goes as far as driver/setup related. anyway its worth exploring further

A lot of them only started occuring recently, like silent Packmasters.

The weirdest one I’ve had was randomly getting evaporated with no woosh, and a Horde had started behind us. Not even any ambient Horde sounds, when they was in melee range.

After that incident we’ve had a few times where one of us is hearing sounds and other people aren’t. It occurs with Boss music too.

There was a point where I would hear every woosh, and had enough time to react. Now there’s some I don’t get a sound for, or it’s so short that all I could have done is blocked. Not even sure Plague Rats have a woosh.

There’s also delayed ones, or ones that continue, even though the enemy is dead.

Sound is the least annoying tbh. Watching enemies spawn behind people, or seeing random Maulers/Berserkers spawn out of thin air during Skaven spawns, and the never ending Gutter Runner bugs, where they insta leap or leap through an entire Chaos Patrol after spawning 0.1 second ago are the worst.

Bots are just not coded. It’s not even a bug.

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