An array of audio issues

Ever since this patch i have had a ridiculous amount of audio bugs/problems. Enemies constantly hitting you from behind with no sound trigger, so you have no way to react. Beastmen ambushes and beastmen in general are incredibly quiet and even silent sometimes. I am not sure if the beastmen ambushes being silent is intended or not… if so it is pretty brutal. Audio sounds for Minotaur aggro in particular seem to be incredibly inconsistent. There have been many times where a Mino has switched aggro onto me without any sound queue, resulting in death or heavy damage. In a game where sound is so incredibly important these bugs are quite gamebreaking. I have also had a few cases of hookrats appearing out of nowhere with no sound… although this may have to do with the intense hyperdensity introduced with this patch. Any thoughts on this?

I play with high quality headphones and I’m used to using sound information in games (1000 hours in CS:GO), and I agree there are lot audio issues now.

To me it seems maybe every third or so hookrat is completely silent. If there are two of them at the same time, the other one almost never seems to make any noise. It is really infuriating, when you are just prepared to kill one, switch back to melee weapon and get grapped instantly. Same can happen with assassins, the other one doesn’t produce any kind of sound.

Lifeleeches can also teleport near (front or behind) you without any noise. I’ve been running forward and it seemed like I had ran into an invisible wall. It was lifeleech teleporting there, but made no sound. I just suddenly saw his face filling my screen.

Enemies hitting behind now rarely produce the warning sound that I used to get every time before the patch 2.0. Beastmen are too quiet.

Gameplay is terrible with these sound issues.


I’ve played several matches where myself and other teammates get grabbed by assassin or packmasters in the middle of a horde or from our rears and we didn’t know they were there because they didn’t make any of their usual sound ques. This leads to wipes that we can’t prevent and is basically unfair.

Also, increased enemy spawns cause enemies to literally spawn instantly on top of you or in front of you as you are moving, leading to an unprepared ambush. Is this intentional or a bug? This is only on Champion no less… I have hordes just waterfalling on top of me because they spawned in midair.

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