Since last patches: silent spawning of specials and bosses

Issue Summary:
Most of specials spawn and start to attack without any warning. Assassins or Blightstormers are still appearing with normal sounds and callouts.
Other specials, especially leeches, packmasters and sometimes the gasrats just spawn , then attack, then perhaps you get the audio cues.

This happens with some mini bosses too.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%)

Leeches are not making teleport sounds since the last patch. I’ve been really good at avoiding getting grabbed by them but not anymore. There would be no audio cues, no teleport sound, no hero callouts and there will be anywhere from 2-3 that spawn simultaneously whether next to each other or inside each other.

I had a leech grab me through a Blightstormer’s tornado but the game didn’t register me out of the tornado so I was taking damage from the storm AND the leech. I instantly died after being grabbed… I was also at full health…

Chaos patrol

Stormvermin patrol

It’s like they start their noises after a while or when you’re behind them? Idk. Either way it’s not working right.

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