Warning Time for Sepcials

I really hope that you work on the specials. I had much runs the last days and every time after every really tough boss fights tons of Specials attack out of nothing immediatelly and killing the squad. The game should be a challenge but that is kinda frustrating and there should be a warning signal first, before the spawn, like in V1. Now They attack and then the group is giving a signal. I know that almost 90% of all mates I ran with are annoyed because of that, so I hope it will be worked on. After a boss is down, a little space to breath just would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:
But still: Awesome game. :slightly_smiling_face: I am criticising on a high level here.

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there’s plenty of audio cues to assist you on this. most of the time i run, i see people who are absolutely oblivious to audio cues.

assassin has a distinct audio level cue and another chittering one that is used to locate it.
packmaster has a distinct wheezing laugh and clatter of skulls, location-based.
leech speaks in loud terrible rhyme which is location-based.
gasrat’s/ratling/firerat audio is pretty loud too, and all location-based.

hear it, and shoot them when they pop into LOS.

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I expected such an Ultra Über Pro answer as a first reply, as always.
Good, that you are such a pro. As I pointed out: Most are not.

Don’t attack him for giving an honest answer, he was totally fair in his response.

I’m no pro but this game has quite a few audio cues as he said, if you are not picking them up then I seriously suggest tweaking your audio settings or getting a hearing test (this is not an insult before you get all triggered)

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Aside from big DBM-ish sign flying above your head telling you to hide I dont know what else you need.

All bosses can be heard long before they attack, and your screen is shaking before they even physically spawn.

Characters will tell you that something is nearby even if you dont notice it. This can help against leeches, gutter runners and blightstormers who often hide.

Packmasters are absolutely lovely, they sound so cool, you cant mistake them even if you were half way through chaos spawns stomach + you cant miss that big pole they wave around :eggplant::face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

Weapon teams are no threat, and if you miss Hans-thing with his flamer :fire: running towards you, weeell.

Both patrols are clearly visible and both have specific sound that can be heard and can be used to distinguish between the two types of patrols. And if you are not sure you can always manually tag one of the SV/CW and your character will use different warning to call either single CW or patrol.

Its more about people ignoring the game and not watching their surroundings. I often play with music on :headphones:, and my friends shout at me for that :sob:, and I must say that when you are deaf :hear_no_evil: you have big handicap in this game as the audio cues are extremely helpful.

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you were asking for a warning signal. i am saying, there already is a warning signal.

do you mean like a flashing notice in the middle of your screen saying ‘Packmaster has spawned’?

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I dont know whats so tough in reading my first post.
I wrote all what to say. How to warn, not talking about bosses, and so on. Just like in the first Game! Should I repeat it? Like in the first game. Now clear, or should I be more specific?
You can hear them, then the team is saying something, then they attack…and not puff attack out of nowhere.
Sigh…as I am talking Chinese here…

The enemies do get announced though. Either by their own call outs or your characters shouts.

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Not all the time they don’t. If you haven’t experienced specials popping in right behind or right next to you without an audio cue you must have very limited hours in this game.

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Rarely, its usually in the situations where enemies get spawned on top of you where its a problem. Any far away specials I find always play the audio ques.

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Yeah the game shouldn’t spawn specials immediately after bosses it is awful.

No you missed his point. He is talking about the specials that spawn after boss fights like Halescourge/Ribspread/Spinemangler, and these do really appear bugged, like the director was still counting up stuff to drop on you but was holding back until the boss was dead.

These down have the usual “Whispering” effects you get before an assassin when you run normal on the map they just jump on you as soon as the boss is dead. There’s no audio cue before except for the noise of his leap attack…

My only issue with special spawns right now it’s that sometimes they are announced good few seconds later than they actually spawn. I assume it’s a bug because saltzpyre telling me about a globadier spawn after he managed to throw one globe from offscreen past 3 walls already is not really nice.

Audio queues dont matter when the game director spawns a ratling gunner 10 feet away from you in the middle of a boss fight.

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my favorite is when a special just spawn right in front of you in a middle of an arena, not behind a structure or anything, just right in the middle of an open field and another favorite is when what u thought was one stormvermin suddenly splits apart into a stormvermin patrol, pretty cool pretty fair lol

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I’ve seen several specials spawn only a few feet in front of me, out in the open, from thin air. Packs of Stormvermin spawning 5 feet behind you the instant you turn your back. It can get a little silly.

I’m still seeing specials spawning in thin air in the arena on Righteous Stand and I’ve been playing since the closed betas.