Specials sounds problems

Well, everybody knows that most of the time you can’t hear specials during a horde or when you’re fighting a patrol.
It has already been discussed a lot and imo should be fixed because well… you should be able to hear them.

But I find that there is another problem when you can hear them: their position.
It happened to me a lot but when a Leech spawns left to me, most of the time I hear it from the right on behind my back.
I tried with and without the surround with my headset, but it still happen a lot.
They’re already hard to kill quickly before they melee you for free (which is extremely frustrating btw), but having a false position indicator makes it even worse.

they do make sound effects, but their sound effects are the same volume as the horde’s/other enemies, so you’d only be able to hear them during those instances if their audio has a peak when the other’s audio isn’t peaking. word of advice, when the voice appears saying 'always sneaking…stabbing" etc, the assassin is normally behind you. rarely will the director spawn a special in front of you (unless it has to climb down a cliff). point is, if you hear a special audio queue, unless it is a boss, it is normally on your flank or behind you. but it is almost always out of sight.

my solution is this, turn down horde ambiance when specials are present or when a special spawn audio queue is playing.

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