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i couldnt find anything related to this topic when searching for surround sound, so:

are you guys planing to add “real” surround sound to the game? as far as i can tell there is none currently in the game.
it would be a huge immersion bonus for me and should make specials or single enemies behind or around you more predictable.
i also think that the audio mixing could need some tweaking as well. specials should be louder when fighting hordes and so on.

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i’m confused.

i wear headphones and echolocation is working perfectly in game.

is surround sound a setup for 6 speakers?


When i use my headphones i surely hear enemies that are close to me but i can’t tell from sound alone if they are behind me or not. So i often get the one hit in the back from enemies.

if i could locate an enemy for example left behind me i could turn around in time and block the incoming attack.

enemies that are about to strike give out a snarl, that’s your cue to block, at times you also have a ‘wooosh’ sound for an impending strike.

sounds coming from behind are slightly muffled as compared to the front. to know for sure, you have to have the habit of turning slightly around to observe whether the sound moves from left to right or right to left. i mean, you already do this in real life, indoors, when you can’t discern where an echo is coming from, so it should be natural.

also, if you can’t see an enemy in front of you, but you hear an enemy very near you, it means it’s behind you, just block or dodge. takes practice to build up an instinct. if you haven’t looked behind you in 3 seconds, a rat might have come up from a hole to poke you in the butt, so keep checking.

i know about enemies making their sound when they are about to attack you. if i don’t see the enemy in front of me its obvious they are behind me… .

what i mean is i shouldn’t have to move to know if a sound is coming more from the right or more from the left. but you are right, it seems like that’s what you have to do in this game.

in real life you also don’t need to move to know the door closed just left behind you :wink:

yeah i quickly learned to immediately turn around blocking when i hear an enemy sound that i can’t find the source from.
in other games however it all seems more effortless. in these games while fighting enemies in the front i can already hear other enemies forming around me. so im not “surprised” by the enemy behind me who is already attacking.
try and locate a hookrat that you don’t see in vermintide 2 and compare it to the hunter in l4d2. then you see my whole point.

in l4d2 i remember a very valid tactic for the hunter was to just wait around the corner (silent) and melee people coming right around it. before they have a chance to react he’d already take a good chunk of their hp off. you can’t hear him at all if the player chooses to do that, he only makes noises if he uses his abilities.

in vt2 hookrats always have a warning sound, it may be masked by other sounds but it’s there. i dunno. i’m always the one listening for and picking off hookrats and assassins and specials on my team, maybe i’m just more paranoid.

Ive been using virtual surround for more than half a decade now, so Im used to just leaving it enabled in pretty much all games, even those that dont necessarily benefit from it, like strategy games etc. It works flawlessly in V2. So unless youre asking for real surround with a multiple speaker setup -> its already in the game. Theres no issue in figuring out where enemies are coming from, what kinda enemies there are and if theyre about to strike you in the back for instance. This game has superb sound design, on par with the likes of Rainbow Six Siege etc. If its not working for you, there might be something wrong with your personal setup or settings in general.

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Oh, i meant the hunter controlled by the A.I… he always made noise. And it’s a little bit annoying that you seem to repeatedly assume i don’t know the basics of gameplay: Of course hookrats and other specials make warning sounds. Yes, sometimes these sounds are masked by for example horde sounds but you can hear them. i also try to eliminate specials as quickly as possible and ending up almost always first or second in the scoreboard for specials kills.
the difference for me in this game compared to others is like i tried to explain before is: you here a sound, then you swing your mouse quickly around, look left, look right to see the source. in other games **i know the enemies location by sound before i need to look for them **. i only turn the mouse to the source of the sound.
if i hear a sound and then have to find the source by looking around, surround sound is useless, sry.

I think we can end the thread here. We seem like to have a different perception of sound in this game :slight_smile:
I’m glad the sound works for you how it is.

@Rasputin: I know one can have different opinions about stuff but if you think the sound design of V2 is on par with Rainbow Six Siege in regards to making it possible to locate sound sources around you ( that’s what i mean with “surround sound”) you are really wrong.

it is this difference that makes us want to share our experiences, because you are right, we seem to have a different perception of sound in this game!

in many fps shooters detection of enemies by sound is similar to vt2. i agree with the above poster that locating enemies by sound is well done here.

sorry we can’t help =(

I play with 5.1 surround sound and It’s pretty great to be fair, some times a bit iffy but that’s expected in most games.

Surround sound working fine for me. I can tell if the special or horde is in front, behind or to the sides. Even when they’re above!

The one the bugs me is when I hear him through a wall.

I can tell exactly where a sound is coming from in this game. I agree with Rasputin it seems like it is really just you. This game and VT1 have really good surround sound.

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