Is Sound Equalization Useful?

Hi Friends,

Is sound equalization useful? Can someone guide who has already used it.

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Is this a setting in game or something?

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I believe it depends on your current audio setup.

If you’re using 5.1/7.1 surround sound you probably don’t want to enable sound equalization as those setups often utilize positional variables to simulate distance via volume and frequency.

If you’re using headphones or a stereo setup I could see how it might be useful to make sure loud noises are muffled slightly so a closer target doesn’t deafen you while you can’t hear the special spawning in the background.

** This is only if I’m understanding that specific menu setting in Vermintide 2 correctly.


Oh, I’ve never messed with the audio settings in game. I’ll have to test this a bit tomorrow when I get back home. I should be on default settings though… almost 2k hours and I never bothered to check lol.

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Thanks all. Can I use this method to do it from Windows or using a 3rd party would be more useful. I am using a headphone.

I’ve turned this on out of curiosity while in the keep and I could hear the rain and other ambient noises as loud as everything else. I think the game has too much ambient noise for this setting to effectively make specials easier to hear.

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