Will this game have actually good sound spatialization?

IMO Vermintide 2 has pretty bad sound design by 2022 standards when it comes to spatialization. Only elites and your teammates have actual audible footstep sounds. The ‘woosh’ backstab noise usually comes late and does not help that often. You are pretty much required to have your head on a swivel in order to notice random rats that have been knocked to the ground 10 miles away during melee fights.
Also, sound occlusion does not exist. An elite on the floor above you or behind a closed door makes just as much noise as if they were right next to you.

I’ve noticed in preview videos that some enemies spawn using big metal doors that make a loud ‘bang’ when opening, which gives me some hope in that regard. This is already much better than the “silent drop-down from ledge” I’m sure we all enjoy so much in Vermintide 2.
Soooo are we gonna see any other improvements in that domain?