Enemies are way too quiet and sneaky (40+ hours)

Darktide is lots of fun and the beta is really showing a lot of promise. It’s fun enough to keep me playing for almost 50 hours so far.

I want to request that enemy traveling sounds such as footsteps and landing when dropping down gain a boost in volume, because they are just imperceptibly quiet even with the music turned down to zero. Invariably, enemies appear behind me without having made a single audible noise to indicate I’m being approached until the about-to-be-struck-from-behind sound plays. I am grateful for this sound, it is one of the bandages which keeps the beta playable in its current state.

The about-to-be-struck-from-behind sound really does seem to be a bandage. I say this because without it, I’d be taking tons of damage from empty rooms. Without this sound I would get killed by regular dudes; The enemies which must have come out from their hiding place and sprinted at me like Olympian athletes to whack me in the back as soon as I finish examining an empty corridor and turn around. It is the only indication I get that I’ve just been swarmed.

Some special enemies have excellent audio. The Sniper, the Mutant, the Pox Hound come to mind.

Most enemies in this game are imperceptibly quiet. I personally need them to have audible footsteps and landing sounds. When piles of silent enemies are rushing in from silent doorways, I can’t enjoy myself. The moment-to-moment gameplay is fun enough to keep me coming back, but the silent enemies make the game feel cheap and take some measure of fun out of it. I’d love to try out an update which gives enemies some type of hearable travelling feedback, such as footsteps and landing sounds.

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