Enemies don't cause noise

In all the games it seems to me that the enemies that are behind us do not make noise, the volume should be increased for those enemies, since it would be a “reward” for effort, at times you can hear what is in front and the that is around us, it would be a better experience, if that aspect is improved, I don’t know if you also have that problem with the game.


Hi mate, i never had the problem, maybe you have a bug? Everytime i get backstabbed, i hear the warning sound and i can locate specialist-spawns with the sound. The only exeption being the mutant, who sometimes i seem to struggle with locating.
What sound exactly are you reffering to? The backstab warning or the specialist sounds?

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No, I’m saying this because I’ve played other PVE games and this is the first time I can’t hear when the enemies come from behind, when they hit me obviously yes, they even appear on the interface, what I mean, it’s before they arrive, about two steps away from the player with his back turned, as I have commented in other PVE games, if I identify when an enemy is going to reach me from behind and it is because of the sound, I don’t know if that section should be improved, so that the player Be attentive to those enemies, or try to increase the volume of those enemies that come from behind

I think they’re talking about a distinct lack of something along the lines of like a zombie making its little groany noise as it moves, or not being able to hear footsteps of something coming up behind them. Likely due to the chaotic sounds of combat if its happening mid firefight.

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Yes, that is exactly it, and excuse me if I was quite ambiguous, with my answer

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The same topic was discussed on reddit.

Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTide/comments/z5h8zv/fatshark_please_fix_this/

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Yeah, i’m also struggling a bit here. In VT the rats will make a snarling sound before they hit you in the back. I have not heard anything similar here. With that said, the tougness mechanic makes it slightly less important. They may hit you, but that toughness will regenerate in short order. This is of course only relevant for when you have lone stargglers that stab you in the back (or spawn in and stab you in the back) as that type of chip damage could stack up in VT.

The audio cues and telegraphed attacks are much better than the first beta, it’s a staple of the franchise, I think it’ll get better still, but it’s good that you bring it up.

It’s good to know that, improve that kind of experience

That is also because the majority of the time the AI animations play but the damage is done at the start of the animation rather than when the animation would actually hit you