Audio needs a lot of work, lots of issues

I have a number of issues with the audio in the game:

Enemies need to make more noise, its a step down from VT2 where you could hear most of the enemies making noise in combat around you to get an idea that they are even there, these enemies in Darktide are much quieter.

Backstab sounds worked well for me in the October beta and I was happy that they made improvements since VT2, but since this release the only time I hear backstab sounds are well after I’m hit (sometimes up to a second after) or most often I hear them from enemies in front of me. The audio for these also needs to be increased a lot.

I have yet to hear myself get hit in melee. Pretty much speaks for itself, I can see enemies in front of me hit me and I take damage, yet I don’t get any sound from it. This is combination with the backstabs not working and enemies just not really making sounds in general mean the only way I even know I’m taking hits from enemies behind me is my screen shaking from hits and I can clearly see no enemies in front of me attacking.

Getting shot I can hear but the sound is very quiet compared to the rest of the game.

The Trapper needs a much louder annoucement. I have no idea a Trapper is around until I see them or hear them doing their trap shot.

I have turned music to 0 (zero) just so I can hear better, I have tried every audio preset and nothing really seems to help.

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