Missing sound cues, backstabs

Have you guys noticed an increase in missing sound cues?

More specifically the swoosh sound you normally hear when an enemy is winding up an attack against your backside.
I swear this has gotten worse than before, i can be trudging along without a care in the world and suddenly i take two hits from behind without any sound indication that there is anything about to go down. No foot steps and no swoosh sound.

Oh and trappers seems to be very silent once in a while, either they just dont make a spawn sound, or its so faint that it gets drowned out by the rest of the auditory ambiance.


As far as I’ve notice it happens when more than one enemy is attacking: if their attacks are slightly out of sync with one another you only hear 1 cue but not the other.

The truly missing cues, for me, are the ragers/maniacs/crushers. They are the most lethal yet the most silent enemies.


I got hit by a three piece combo from three enemies that dropped down from a hole in the ceiling last game, not a single sound cue, i was dealing with a horde and suddenly took three hits to my posterior.

But you bring up a good point with the ragers and crushers, they are literal silent assassins sometimes, same with maulers, ate absolute dirt another game i had where i was distracted by a boss and suddenly had 7 maulers behind me on a narrow walkway with the boss pushing me from the front.

Got hit by a mauler over-head coming from behind with 0 sound cue a few days ago. Got downed from max health and toughness. It was Auric Maelstrom, but it wasn’t the most hectic situation either (for Maelstrom standards).

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I usually plau Auric 5, but how in the world we’re supposed to hear a crusher’s footsteps over 5 mutants that scream all over the place is beyond me…

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I was idly killing some leftover poxwalkers yesterday in auric maelstrom and then was suddenly downed. I panned my camera and there were 4 maulers actively landing overheads on me and on pulling back from the hit that downed me. I heard absolutely nothing and was not even distracted. No footsteps. No VRRRMMmmmm as the overhead swings. Not even the sound of it landing on the ground. Just the sound of me going down.


Gives me Vermintide 2 flashbacks. They never managed to fully fix that issue there either.

The only solution was to develop eyes in your back aka frantically turn around every 5-10 seconds when you were stationary holding a position

Yes. Worse is when crushers and maulers decide they want to sneak up behind you and just not play their stomping sounds or grunts indicating they are winding up their overhead.

Ragers will also decide they want to make no noise sometimes. The audio mixing has always been an issue.

In addition to sound, gunners have decided they don’t care about melee engagement causing them to flee anymore. They will just stand there and keep shooting you. They have also decided that reloading is a suggestion and have opted to never do that.

Classic Tide experience. I reported the general problems with missing audio cues for specials, elites and backstabs. It was “acknowledged” as a bug. I do not expect a proper fix tbh.

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Yesterday in a high intensity carnival map I heard audio cues cut out partway and then silence from that enemy type. It would come and go. :astonished:

I know people who claim their integrated audio card just puts out noise in certain situations in Darktide. No problems in other games.

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