Alert of being attacked from behind is barely distinguishable

Hello, dear Devs!

I come bearing ill feedback about a small, yet very important aspect: the alert of being struck from behind.

It’s not too loud, long or different from other sounds. I was a witness (and part) to a lost game, because nobody heard a horde behind us.

Please, do reconsider changing the sound! Even Vermintide one would do nicely!

Thank you for your amazing, hard work and keep it up! We love you. At least I do.


I very much agree with this. This is a major issue for me as I’m constantly getting hit on my ass because of how open the maps are and how spread out the enemies can be. Its impossible to hear the alert when literally any other noise is playing.


Yup I agree. Its much more clear in Vermintide 2. I always know when I am close to being hit from behind and can quickly turn and block… in Darktide I havent even heard a warning sound at all, wasnt even aware that there is actually a sound notification for that, just asumed they left it out. I would highly aprreciate this change, as it helps gameplay a lot.