Whoosh sound effect missing

The “whoosh” sound effect to let you know when enemies are attacking you from behind is extremely late or missing since the update before Grail Knight. The sound effect either fails to play entirely (seems to happen most often with Stormvermin attacking from behind) or the whoosh sound only plays for a split second before getting hit, completing the rest of the sound effect long after the hit has already occurred.

Play any map, any career. Whoosh is late about 50% of the time, and missing entirely about 25% of the time.

I haven’t actively noticed this, but I do feel like I’m getting hit from behind more than I used to. I did put that on account of being a bit rusty, but I’ll pay some attention to try to corroborate.

Can now confirm. Doesn’t happen all the time, but I got hit on War Camp with no sound, and my mate whom I was playing with died to a stormvermin hitting him in the back and he didn’t get any sound either.
We were also on discord, if that matters.

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