Constant sound problems

I constantly have problems hearing game sounds, specifically from specials like Berserkers, Assassins and Hookrats. They move completely silently and then attack behind other enemies. Often this happens with two enemies of one type. For example I hear one assassin and as soon as I kill it, another one jumps on me with absolutely no sound. Berserkers sometimes start making sound only after they first hit me.

Another problem is the missing sound of enemies attacking from behind. It doesn’t happen all the time and usually there are no problems, but this happens in every single level every time I play few times.

Is it really just me and problem in my hearing?

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Enemies only have backstab sound, when they do a running attack backstab.
Normal backstab sound is missing entirely.
Specials can have missing sound, recently my team experienced that 1-2 persons can hear them, the others can’t. The same goes for monks and zerkers.

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