Silent specials (Mainly leeches) Are still a problem but the amount of silent leeches is ridiculous after the bardin DLC went live

Players that i regularly play with who have rarely ever complained about no sound enemies before have started complaining in our groups about no sound leeches being really problematic after the patch went live and i agree with them.

Is no sound nonsense after going to be fixed?

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Lots of sounds not playing. Leeches, patrols, and back attacks ‘wooshes’ are the three that I’ve encountered.
No problems on other specials that I can think of.

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The big thing I have noticed for a little while now is that hookrats sound really really quiet compared to every other special. I often have trouble telling if it’s right next to me or really far away.

I was clutching Athel Yenlui in the big open field before the event and after I killed the horde and 2 disablers, a silent leech grabbed me from behind…

Literally 1 second after I just checked behind me…

Needless to say, I was pretty mad at the fact the game cheated me.

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I have had similar experiences.
Nothing, turn around, nothing, turn around.
* get hit in the back *
Turn around, one lone rat looking at me.

I just had a woosh sound for an attack that came from in front of me, while there was no enemy behind me. I was walking backwards.
Please tell me the sound queue depends on the position of the enemy compared to me and where I’m facing, not the direction I’m moving in. If it is the case, that could explain the sounds not playing if I’m moving backwards and being attacked in the back…

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Sound absence is a problem for me since the 3.3 patch
More often than not I cannot hear many specials or elites

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