Unfixed Missing Sound issues

Issue Summary:
Patch claimed to fix missing sound problems, but they are still occurring.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Run missions and wait for hordes/mobs to spawn.
  2. Turn your back to said enemies.
  3. Acknowledge the fact enemies approaching you from behind regularly are totally silent.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%)

Additional Information:
Primarily hordes will spawn and stealth attack you, even prior to the music/horn alarm that they have spawned plays, and Chaos Warriors often have no footstep sounds at all.

The missing sound problem is fairly self-explanatory. Very consistently hordes will spawn prior to they alarm sound playing, often having no footstep sounds as they approach. This is extraordinarily frustrating to deal with when not playing tanky characters. I don’t know if it’s because of a mechanical breakdown of how your system layers sounds, or if certain conditions create missing sound outliers, but I can say with certainty having played over 50 games the last 2 days problems exist.

One specific problem that happened over a dozen times the last 3 days while playing while playing, if a horde is currently engaged with the players, and Chaos Warriors approach after the horde engagement has begun, the CWs will often be literally silent, enabling them to full power-attack players from behind. Being 1-shot by ninjas in 200+lb plate armor is insane.

I was in a Righteous Stand game an hour ago, as we approached the curving first bridge towards entering the main keep with the spindle holdout event, a Blightstormer literally stealth ambushed the party, opening with a flame attack without any music or sound played. His health bar didn’t even pop up until one of my party members was as half hp from said attack, lmao.

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Quick one before I pass it on, do the enemies become audible once you’ve turned to face them?

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Usually, yes. The main thing I noticed is that there seems be like a distance trigger in the sound design in that if something begins an attack outside of a certain range from behind (no idea on the actual distance because I have no means to test that as a solo player) that attack is silent aside from the WHOOSH sound of a back-attack incoming.

The problem with this is the WHOOSH sound is often too slow or imprecise on if/when a back-attack is happening, specifically, Chaos Warriors and Maulers begin their power attacks from ungodly long distances away and running power attack from often literally 2 screens away with their auto-tracking. Not only is that insanely imbalanced in general (especially with their 360 degree, power-attack auto-tracking), but it creates problems for sound design in being able to register it your engine (I assume). This problem is separate from not hearing enemy footsteps behind you of course, but it’s likely both problems are tied to the same core issue.

Beyond fixing the core problems of hearing sounds from behind, or insane range power attacks, there’s definitely a sound priority problem regarding elites and power-attacks in general. I’d rather the slave rats be silent than the Chaos Warriors/Maulers in terms of player survivability, lol.

I hear ya (no pun intended).

Another Q. Are you using surround sound emulation? Vermintide doesn’t support it natively so worth seeing if you experience this in basic stereo as well

Good question, I do not. I use a pair of Fidelio X2 headphones using Windows Realtek base drivers on stereo (audio cable into sound port), and specifically disabled both Windows Surround and Dolby ATMOS surround in order to ensure sound fidelity.

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