Sound - Cannot hear behind you

Sounds seem to be getting culled at a very high rate, in particular from things that are behind you. This is a disaster, because hearing is one of the only way to know you are about to be attacked, which happens very often. The game deliberately makes enemies flank you and not being able to hear them is deadly.

This includes enemy voice lines, footsteps, ‘stinger’ sounds, everything.

I’ve even had bosses like Bile Troll walk up in complete silence and then punt me accross the map. Something that big should not be silent.

This issue did not exist pre-2.0.

Yeah. Been happening to me on the latest patch (2.0.10) the most. I have been regularly losing entire runs because of this. Pretty disappointing. Hope it gets fixed.

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Are your audio channels set to ‘Stereo’? Please see here.

I haven’t heard warning sound at all when playing as client. This is important part of the game, I feel like handicapped on legend and cata at the moment. This should be definitely hot fixed.

Problem is not in the settings on my computer. They did work before, they do work mostly (sometimes don’t) when I host game.

Yes it’s set to stereo, I just checked. I use headphones fwiw.

There was no problem before the 2.0 patch and my system setup didn’t change at all since then.

Has this worsened since last week’s patch?
I’ve had the same issues but found out that a Windows 10 update which causes sound issues had been installed right before.

Hi guys!

I’m Jonas, sound designer at Fatshark.

Sorry to hear that you have these problems.
I have some questions:

Is all the sounds from the back gone, or just some of them?
Try turn around and listen if 3D sounds are silent when your behind them.
Easiest way would be to find a sound source in the keep, like a fire or something to test with.

Let me know how it goes!


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I noticed these problems with WOM. After 2.10 patch they did disappear all together.

I tested at the keep. Near Kerillians camp, there is fire. I hear fire, but when I turn my back to it. I don’t hear it anymore.

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I did check in-game settings. Audio was auto. I changed it to stereo, now I can hear at least fire behind me. Need to do test run.
Game AUTO setting is bonkers if this works. I get back to you guys after test run.

Now I get warning sounds as I should. I played one game. Need to do more testing is the issue like at launch of WOM that some of them are missing.

My friend had the same problem, setting sound channel config to stereo from auto fixed it.

Sound issues have been a problem since day one! Why are the devs so clueless? Im not trying to be rude or disrespectful but really Jonas?

Sound ques have NEVER worked correctly from behind and winds of magic has made it so much worse than ever before.

Yes i can hear sounds behind me like a fire in the keep, no problems.

Also since winds of magic if you hit too many enemies in one attack your sound cuts in and out…

Hi guys

The issue was part of a windows update recently, but setting the output to Stereo instead of Auto fixes it as you guys mentioned. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you feel that way. The backstab issue have been a issue for years, but we in the audio team always thought it was something on our end, but it was actually a design choice that i didn’t know about until recently.

Regarding sound cues, here is how it was designed from the beginning:
Hordes - Normal hordes have their sound cue like the horn and so on.
Ambush Horde - Have never had any cues (Except whispers for Skaven)
Bosses: Ratogre have a cue, Chaos Spawn have a cue, Stormfiend does not, Troll does not
Specials - have no cues (except Gutterrunner), just revealing foley when they roam around.

Now, as you can see we are a bit inconsistent with what have sound cues and not. And that was not entirely the plan from the beginning. We wanted to move away from “2D stinger cues” like the Ratogre in Vermintide 2, as we wanted the presence of the bosses to be revealing in their own. Like you would hear that it was a big Troll coming be course of grunts and big footsteps. We found that to be more immersive instead of actively banging stuff in your face when something happens.

For Winds of Magic, stuff got a lot more intense during the Winds in the game. Making the revealing part of bosses and specials almost useless until it was too late, as they spawned very close to you.
So the problem was that the original design of how we present our bosses and specials were not inline with the intensity of WOM.
Listening to the players, thats why i added short cues for all the bosses and the ambush horde during the Winds, and this is something we will continue to improve going forward.

Hope this will give a little bit better understanding, and sorry that we haven’t delivered to your expectations.

I’m sorry for you getting the bashing, but since you presented yourself, there’s not much to be done now.

So literally, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing???

How did it seem a good idea, to announce a skaven ambush, but not the other 2 factions?

I don’t really understand what you say here.
What we players understand as sound cue is the “catch-catch” muttering of the packmaster upon spawning, the whisper of the assassin, the rattle of the rattling and so on, not the sound they make once they are already there and looking for an opportunity for attack.
What is your sound cue for the assassin?

About 70-80% of the game play relies on sound instead of visuals, and someone had the idea to starve the players of this information?

TBH, I’m totally baffled at what is revealed here… :dizzy_face:

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