Sound based on where i am looking

Issue Summary: i can only hear things based on what direction i am facing, this seems to include all sound. Any and all bosses or specials behind me are completely silent, the games different music connected to bosses or hordes fades in and out or goes completely silent depending on where i look.
I don’t need enemies to be in line of sight to hear them, just as long as they are somewhere in the direction i am facing.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. wait for a horde to spawn
  2. stand still and start spinning and the sound will fade in and out

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

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Mine sounds like out of a cave (behind) and normal in front. The cave part is not understandable (talk) but at least I learned how the hit warning sounds out of a cave.

I have experienced this since the DLC dropped. I mainly notice it on voice lines. If you are not facing the character speaking, it sounds like they are standing in the bridge of shadows / trapped in a cave. I’ve noticed this occurs for your own character also.

I haven’t noticed this outside of character dialogue but that could just be because I’m constantly swivelling around as if my head was about to fall off if I didn’t screw it back on.

Edit: For the sake of refining the information, I pretty much only play Bardin (IB/Slayer) - just in case it is character dependent.

Could y’all share more about your sound set ups?

Headphones or speakers?
2.1? 5.1? 7.1?
Any particular set ups or sound cards?
All and any details pertaining to your environment would be grejt.

I can shed some light on my end, having the same problem as well.

  • I’m using a real 5.1 speaker system.
  • My system is correctly set-up as a surround system in Windows settings and the sound test chimes correct sounds on correct speakers.

I have not updated any drivers or changed anything on my setup. I had no problems prior to sound engine change. And i still have no problems on other games/movies. Now anything i’m not facing directly in the game is almost unaudible. Only thing that i can hear clearly from behind is the backstab whoosh.

Hope you can fix it soon, because it is really painful and jarring to miss %90 of the banter and special callouts unless I rely on subtitles.

Playback device: Plantronics RIG-500
Spartial sound: Windows Sonic, 7.1 virtual surround sound
Effects: Dolby Pro Logic IIx
Soundcards: None

Seems to have vanished, was my imagination all along or something related to client.

Keep NPCs are no problem

I’m no specialist in this. That’s just what I could find in the sound settings properties of my headset. Feel free to ask for more specific things but you might need to explain how I find them.

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