Problems with directional audio

Hello, I’ve playing V2 since the beta but this is the first time I’ve had this issue: it started about one or two days ago after one of those random micro-patches (I presume), basically it means that any audio (be it dialogue, sound effects, etc.) sounds really far away unless I’m looking straight at the source.

For example, when I turned my back to blightstormer’s vortex, I couldn’t hear it anymore. Turning back around showed it was still there and loud, but turning my back on it made it noiseless again.

As for character dialogue, I can hear it but it sounds REALLY, really far away, as if the source was on the other end of the map. It also happens in the Keep, if I press E to talk to Lohner and then turn my back on him then I can barely heard him.

I haven’t changed any sound (or any other, for that matter) settings, this just cropped up on its own.

As an example, I’d like you to see the first video on this link: Sound based on where i am looking

I’m having the same problem as on the first video. I’ve tried changing my sound to stereo, as I saw suggested in many similar threads, but it already was on stereo. Turning spatial sound ON on the sound tab fixes the directional issue but then all the other sounds sound, well, weird and metallic.

This problem happens only when using speakers, the sound works just fine on a headset.

Unfortunately I never fixed this issue. It just vanished with some later patch.

Is your ‘Default Format’ set appropriately? Please see here.

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