Sound jumping around and lower quality


Ever since 1.2 I’m experiencing issues with sound.

One is that the voice lines from heroes will jump around from one ear to another with no reason.

The second issue is the sound quality its worse since 1.2. Like if it was sampled at lower rate.

I can reproduce this 100% the time using Corsair Voids and Corsair Voids Pro headset on up to 4 different computers with different hardware/configurations.


yes man happened to me in some games and was weird

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Sorry to hear about your audio issues. For debugging purposes, could you please:

  • Adjust your Windows audio settings to utilise 2 channels (as opposed to 5.1 or 7.1). This can be done by right-clicking your output device within the ‘Sound’ pane and selecting ‘Configure Speakers’.
  • Set your ‘Default Format’ (accessed via ‘Speaker Properties’ > ‘Advanced’) to 24 bit, 48000 Hz.

After having applied the above changes, could you please check to see if the issue persists?

Can’t do that. This headset (Void and Void Pro) are USB with its own soundcard. Both options you said are greyed out.

Disabling the surround sound from their software seems to solve the issues although losing the sorround effect on them.

You know that positional audio is absolutely critical in this game right, as it is in most twitch based shooters?..

I would imagine most people who play this game and want to be very good at it are using surround headphones, or a pair of headphones focusing on great audio quality with surround software like SBX Pro Studio or the Xonar equivalent.

Is this basically an admission that the game no longer supports surround, because… that would be an exceptionally bad admission. I hope it is just suggested for debugging purposes.

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Hmm, interesting. Unfortunately it’s 10pm on a Friday here so I can’t chase for information right now but I’ll ask our audio crew on Monday to shed some light on why this is.

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Thanks for the reply after hours.


before posting a bug Ticket related to this:

Is there plan to ever fix the audio issue if the sampling rate is above 48kHz?
I kinda get tired switching my sampling rate back and forth for just Vermintide 2, to the point not wanting to start playing it.

Thank You!

Best Regards

Hello! We don’t have any immediate plans to support a sample rate higher than 48000 Hz but we do intend to look in to it.

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