Sound cutting in and out

My sound has been cutting in and out on several occasions, when it happens its for the entire game and it’s very annoying.

Additional info: i’m always client (i barely host so i might of been lucky). my ping was 100 in the videos below, i didn’t really tab to see if my ping spiked, but i didn’t encounter much lagg so i don’t think it spiked huge amounts, if it did at all.
It’s not a consistent occurance, but as you might see it’s very annoying. It’s like 1 type of audio channel is entirly removed and cuts in and out.

Vermintide 2 audio settings

Some clips below to showcase it. I know it’s not the best but it’s very annoying to try and capture it, gotta save it everytime during my game when it occurs. I hope it’s enough.

Video of sound cutting in and out

Edit: Added windows settings if it can help. Let me know if i missed any info regarding sound.
My audio frequency is set to highest available. Also showed the headset i have, if maybe i have my vermitide audio settings setup wrong. I also tried to close discord and it didn’t change anything. Also occurs when not in voice chat of any kind.

Windows sound settings

Soundsettings3 Soundsettings2 soundsettings1


Yeah, it’s annoying. Sound has always been a bit finicky in Vermintide, I’ve had several instances of this issue, and issues with Beastmen horde music playing for the rest of the mission (still sometimes get that to this day by the way). I assume it’s got something to do with FPS, since I have sub-60 FPS (honestly with an i3-3220 I’m glad to be able to even run this game).

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Yea sound has a reputation in vermintide, and while i do get the occasional no sound special, this is just insane, in the second clip an entire horde is not making any noise, atleast i get backstab sounds but still. It’s also frustrating me alot while playing to hear the constant cutting in and out of sound.

I can’t really see it in the first clip, but the 2 below that are around 70-80 fps. I have the steam overlay fps counter in the top right. (it’s hard to see tho). There are games i don’t have it, where i am around the same ping and have around the same fps. Maybe the issue is low dynamic range? i don’t really know what that does tbh.

Plenty of people i play with tend to have either some sounds (backstab sounds, etc) be completely mute for multiple rounds for no apparent reason and others have the same exact issue of sounds just simply dying for no reason.
Its funny because for instance myself i rarely have issues with the sounds in this game, so try to debug something that is so all over the place and random.

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Yea i should probably give my windows sound settings and stuff to make it easier.

edit: added it and cleaned up the post a bit.

Obviously i can only talk from my pov here but.
Apart from having HIGH dynamic range we got similar in-game settings.
Windows wise i personally had lots of issue with the enhancement effects so i never use them and unlike you i do use exclusive mode.
No idea if the above actually makes any real difference but at least something to consider.

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Thought my only few months of void pro gone wrong.

I’ll adjust them and see if i encounter it again. Thanks.

I’m sorry but i don’t understand.

My around $100 of headset. If it turned out that it is my headset’s problem. I would feel really bad.

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I know people who have played this with stuff like astros and other stupidly expensive headphones/sets. Its rarely hardware related. This game is just part of that 1 % where sounds just sometimes want to troll ya no matter what you do.

Hi there

Sorry to hear that you experience these sound issues.`

Question: Do you play the game with low master volume?
It has been reported that the sound is acting up when playing at 0-10 in master volume.
I’m currently working on a fix for this but see if increasing the volume in-game solves the problem for now.


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Yes i play on master volume 4.

Thank you for the suggestion! i’ll edit this post if it fixes it, hard to know for sure as it’s not a consistent occurance.

This “fix” You suggested is on the fatshark website and does nothing to improve or fix the problem.

Push too many enemies > Sound cuts out on every single push.

It happens as host or client and has been happening for YEARS. There have been a small number of patches where the problem was fixed but because of how the devs insist on smashing a bunch of branch patches together and hoping for the best this and other problems will always come back and persist.

Thats a different issue, could you send a video where it happens?
Would help a lot!


You dont need a video of sound cutting in and out when it happens every single time i push enemies during a horde on cata.

It happens with:
Any and all shield weapon combos.
Sword and dagger
Krubers spear (Very rare)

Basically any weapon that pushes many enemies at the same time will cause the sound to break.

Im not willing to go the extra mile like i used to back in the day and post a video since i report the same issues over and over for years and they still happen to this day.

This is the 4th time this issue has come back.

Well, i need a repro when it happens. It’s nothing I or the QA team have experienced, so sending a video of the bug in action would help us along the way.
Would also be interesting to know if this happens on low master volume or not.


I private messaged you.

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