[PC] Sound Distortion [Patch 2.0.10]

Lately I’ve been a bit busier than normal, so I’ve had to stop playing Vermintide 2 for about 3 weeks. However, today when I logged into Steam and updated the Vermintide 2 game client with patch 2.0.10, I noticed A LOT of sound distortion. At first, I thought maybe it was just me since I had been on hiatus for almost 3 weeks. I rebooted my PC and relaunched the game… problem not fixed. I checked the in game audio settings… problem not fixed. I even unplugged my video and audio cables from my PC and plugged them back in… problem not fixed. What’s going on?

The easiest way I’m able to recreate this bug is by selecting Sienna and using a conflagration staff. Everything sounds perfect… but then I start casting spells and dodging really quick and the game audio starts to sound like a bad radio signal. I hear a lot of crackling and noise. I don’t think it’s my PC because I’m running the game at 70+ frames on max settings.

Is anyone else getting this problem? The game works fine, but it’s super annoying to play and have the audio sound like a bad radio signal. I really hope this gets fixed in the next patch.

As sound can get ruined by FPS drops, having high FPS doesn’t mean sound is ok and it doesn’t exclude some malfunction on audio card or sound drivers.

  • Try to reinstall audio drivers too.
    If the problem remains, try another game if you get some sound issues too, it will be your hardware. If it is ok, than it will be game issue.

I am able to play Dauntless (max settings), WOW (max settings), and Fallout 76 (max settings) with no audio distortion. The problem is exclusively with Vermintide 2.

I will try reinstalling the game later today.

I reinstalled the game and updated my Nvidia drivers, but the game is still not working properly. I putting the settings to medium but the issue still persists. I am playing Monster Hunter right now on max settings with zero issues.

What could be the problem? Is anyone else having this problem after updating their game?

Just having a soundbug with Ironbreaker career ability , where it constantly loops an “attack blocked” audio for several seconds.

Have you tried to play around with the audio settings in vermintide 2 ? maybe with the dynamic range settings ~

I’ve tried everything dude. My only hope is that I’ve been reading up on “gamers having audio and FPS issues after the latest windows 10 security update.” In my case, it adds up… I was playing perfectly fine a few weeks ago, windows 10 update was released a few days ago, and now I’m having audio and FPS issues. If the next windows update doesn’t fix my problem… I guess I’ll have an excuse to finally swap out my dual GTX1080ti’s for RTX versions :confused:

Please make sure you’ve ran through the solutions here. The latest Windows update has been known to change some people’s audio channels.

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