New Texture and Audio Glitches!

Greetings all,

So I’ve just noticed a couple things after taking 1-2 weeks off from the game. Mind you, I’ve made no changes to my system or my game settings. NOW, when I launch V2 Character/Pact Sworn textures aren’t loading properly – they are blurry and have little to no detail. Additionally, I’m receiving audio glitches where the music stops and starts and I hear voice lines from player characters long after the text has faded from the screen.

Below, I’ve included a screen of what my character/pact sworn textures look like ~90% of the time in game for me currently. Additionally - just to eliminate the trolls - YES I have checked to ensure that my character texture settings didn’t somehow change. They haven’t - and are still set at ‘High’.

As far as the audio glitches go, as I said above the music will simply stop randomly… There will be this eerie silence whiles hordes of rat men and norsemen surround me. Additionally, time on character voice lines is delayed, often times playing after the voice line has faded from the chat window.

Just hoping anyone could provide some guidance as to how to better troubleshoot or fix this problem.

Thank you

Texture streaming seems to be the issue here, a slow hard drive could be contributing to the problem but it’s hard to be sure. Do you have another drive you could try installing Vermintide 2 on to?

As for the audio issues, it might be worth running through the solutions listed here:

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