Sound and Enemy issues

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Sound queues are working horribly, hear specials like they are on top of me or in the opposite direction, its terrible. (every level all times even with low ping ((sub 50))))

Enemies turning invisible (all maps)

enemies walking through air (all maps)

waves and units spawning inside player (all maps)

This has been a problem since vermintide 1 and the devs who made/code the engine are so incompetent they cant fix it. People have been telling them for nearly 6 years now but they constantly give excuses like “we cant reproduce the sound problems on our pcs where we work” so in their mind the problem does not exist.

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The only time I had major sound direction problems was when the audio engine got updated near the Shadow over Bögenhafen release.

Never had any similar issues again.

Not that I don’t believe you, I am just curious.
Would you mind uploading a video about this issue?

So I did 2 reinstalls, and updated my drives, and did a windows update which seems to of fixed moooost of the issues, will keep you posted. It at least fixed my frame drop problems.

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