The surround audio is weird since the Vermintide 1.2 Update

Since the Update it seems like the surround audio seems to fail.

If I don’t face another character his voice (doesn’t matter if it is a call or some generic conversion) is very very silent. Altough Lohner’s voice in the Keep seems normal.

If I face the character directly it works fine. I use a Logitech G430 and everything worked fine since this update.
Probably the update of the audio FatShark was talking about in the Patchnotes.

My own voice also seems to swing around like I am talking myself to the left or the right. It’s very weird.
Switching from Speaker to Headphones also doesnt work.

Anyone else encountering this problem? I already asked a bunch of people ingame, they also seem to have some minor issues with the audio since the update but not really my exact problem.

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Yes, the surround has been screwed the whole beta. The voices seem to warble around in position and volume.

Hello DatDing! For debugging purposes, could you please:

  • Adjust your Windows audio settings to utilise 2 channels (as opposed to 5.1 or 7.1). This can be done by right-clicking your output device within the ‘Sound’ pane and selecting ‘Configure Speakers’.
  • Set your ‘Default Format’ (accessed via ‘Speaker Properties’ > ‘Advanced’) to 24 bit, 48000 Hz.

Afterwards, please let us know if your problems continue.

I’m having the same issues myself. Audio only sounds normal when looking directly at the source. All other sounds are distorted and sound considerably farther away than the source actually is.

Switching my windows settings to 2 channels is not an option as I use a Logitech G633 headset and not a sound card, my only option in the settings is 7.1. I’ve tried changing my sampling settings from 16bit 48khz to 16bit 44khz with no luck. I’ve also tried all combinations of in game settings as well (Headphone to Speakers, Low to High dynamic range, etc).

Nothing seems to help and even turning off the Logitech surround function isn’t helping. The audio still seems far away unless looking at the source. Can’t find a fix anywhere via Google. Need advice and a fix!

Hello, thank you for your help!

  • I only have “7.1 Surround” available nothing else.

  • 16 Bit, 48000 Hz is unfortunately the Maximum my Headset can do. (Logitech G430 from 2013… Jesus, already 5 years old…)

The Headset uses “Dolby Surround”, I tried to switch to “DTS Headphone” but that doesn’t help either…

So the problem is still active.

Kind regards

Same problem here, I’ve posted a quick sum up of everything I tried to do to fix the issue here

Same problem here. I just picked up the game during the Steam sale this weekend, so I thought maybe it’s just how the game was (since I couldn’t find a lot online about the issue); but it seems from this thread that it’s a new issue. It’s really… annoying - only hearing dialogue if I look right at a character.

Edit: Turning off 5.1 on my output device in Windows, and forcing Stereo, allows me to hear everything as I’d expect. Hopefully they can figure this bug out so that I can use surround sound.

Okay as “Winthiefow” mentioned, he created a post which contains my exact problem and Developer replied to him mentioning it would be fixed in the next upcoming patch.

The question is now am I able to close this article? I hope it does close automtically because I don’t have any idea how to do it…

The OP here…

I thought we basically merged with the summary “Winthiefow” made. So I stopped paying attention to it.

But my problem is already LONG gone. I didn’t change any settings but it was probably a new update of Vermintide 2. (I dont know which one though, because I had a little break from vermintide because of this bug, but I am back since a couple of weeks)

So my issue is fixed!

Thanks to everybody for help and attention on my matter!

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Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

I’m really pleased to hear it’s all sorted now.

I missed your request above asking if the post could be closed, which I’ll do now. If anybody else is experiencing similar issues, please create a new post.

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