Sound Broken?

Alright, so I haven’t played for a few days. I got pretty salty about grinding levels to get my ULT talents back and simply took a break so I wouldn’t get burned out.

I came back on today, and the game sounds horrible. It’s almost like I’m underwater? But I can hear all the back ground noise extremely loud. Things like weapons hitting or footsteps are extremely loud but everything else is really quiet. Hitting the training dummies in the keep is deafening with the volume on 32.

I haven’t changed or touched anything since I played a few days ago. My PC has not even been used for the past 2-3 days. Other games sound fine and music is fine as well as videos. It’s just Vermintide which sounds like this.

Here’s my most recent console log.
console-2019-08-13-12.09.47-d07054f1-5610-4b88-b8b0-18833a095f31.log (201.7 KB)

DxDiag.txt (70.3 KB)

This looks to be a Windows Update. I think I have fixed it, but it’s weird that it only effected V2. Looks like Windows update enabled some sort of surround sound setting which was clashing with the games sound. Lemme test it now and I’ll close this for now.

EDIT: Yea, this was a Windows update issue, not a game bug.