Problem with sound when use headphones, and a quick curiosity

Hello guys and devs, i would like to report my experience with some sound problems in the game. This happens mostly when i use headphone and so i reduce the volume to about 15-20 in the menu. Very, very often, the music of the levels totally vanish, and even the FX like patrol sound, monk and berserker screams, steps and so on, they vanish completely and this effects badly the gameplay, because i often got hit by something behind me and i can’t do anything about it, simply because there is no sound to alert me.
I have win10 and use a Sound Blaster AE-5 as sound card, but this problem happens even to my friend which uses a classic integrated motherboard audio. Is there something i can do to eliminate or at least mitigate this problem? Thanks!
Finally, just a curiosity, it’s not a problem but i really would like to know why. When me and my friend complete a level ,and we look at the scoreboard, we always see different damage values. Which means, if i see that i did for example 9000 damage, my friend in his scoreboard see that i did 4-5000 damage. He ALWAYS see lesser damage than me. Why is that?

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My apologies for the delayed response. Sorry to hear about your audio issues, we’ll have to see if we can reproduce this on our end.

As for the scoreboard, it is a known issue that client and host are likely to display varying damage values and we hope to have a solution in place soon.

Thanks a lot for the answer :slight_smile:

Hi, were you on discord chat when you experienced this issue?
Is your sound set to 5.1 at the windows settings when you have headset on?

No, i generally use Team Speak for Vermintide. My sound is normal on Windows, but i use the Soundblaster Connect Application from my soundcard and i always use the direct sound option, which gives me the purest sound possible without any type of filter/multicanal.

Is there any option in teamspeak that reduces the volume of other apps when someone is speaking?

I also experienced this kind of sound issues, but only when i set the output to 5.1, which is fine with my audio system but not with headset.( taskbar-sounds, sound settings at the actual output…). Try to see if theres something similar in the program that you are using.

I checked and the output is set on Soundblaster AE-5 as usual, but i have this problem only with Vermintide, for other games like Overwatch or Battlefield i use discord, battlenet and sometimes even Steam vocal chat, not an issue, so… who knows? XD

However, i noticed something: If i turn down the volume through the Vermintide menu, i have the problem. If i leave the volume at max in the game options, but then i turn it down through the volume control that i have on the headphones, i don’t have this issue. So, i thought that the problem’s origin is in the volume option of the game. I hope you understand, english is not my first language :slight_smile:

Dunno then… :smiley:
try not using that sound program?

Can’t do without, so i will just bear with it and play XD

I’m having this problem too: Win 8.1, HyperX Cloud II USB headset, TeamSpeak for voice. I have audio set to Headphones in the game menu and have the master sound turned down to ~10%. That being said, it’s a recent occurrence - started happening after 1.2 patch, but that may be coincidence of course. I’ll try rebalancing the in-game volume control against master volume tonight and see if that helps…

Missing audio effects for some enemies, mainly completely silent berserkers and no “swoosh” sound for maulers doing overhead swing at your back.
Bugged out voip not working until reenabled on every map load and for many barely audible if turned on.

I have those issues on Windows 7 with default Micro$oft supplied basic audio driver.
Buddy of mine reports same issues on Win 10 and here in the topic I see people with different OSes and audio setups having similar issues.

Most of those problems started for me when I opted in for balance beta and most of those problems were being reported by other people in beta bugs portion of the forums.
Why was the beta turned into patch 1.3 if the audio issues were not fixed? People are relying on the audio cues after all and without them game becomes a chore.
And the voip? Commands wheel cannot help in every situation and typing just isn’t fast enough.
Oh and if I remember correctly, there were similar audio problems in first Vermintide at some point (around the time before Karak Azgaraz DLC release).
It feels like previous problems didn’t taught our devs any lessons in how to avoid those problems in the future or how to deal with them properly.

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