Audio issues since the Talent Tree update

Many people report audio issues with the game since the last update. Specifically, but not exclusively:

  1. The specials/elites audio cues sometimes don’t play which results in not being able to hear mutants charging, pox hounds jumping, trappers shooting etc.
  2. Game sometimes randomly plays Monstrosity spawn audio cue even though it’s a normal horde. Or some audio cue is indistinguishably similar and confusing.
  3. The incoming sound directions are kinda messed up sometimes, it sounds like the specials/elites are coming from far away but they are already very close, or vice versa, or the sound’s coming from a different direction than the enemy is at (even worse when duplicate enemies appear, only one of them seems to play the audio cue).
  4. Audio stutters big time sometimes. It’s basically like it was played on a broken voice receiver, so it keeps cutting out during every single word several times. For example, when Hadron says “Yes, this would appear to be the place. Commence your scan” it often times bugs out and plays stuttery like “Y-s, th-- wo–d a–ear -o b- the p–ce” for the duration of the entire dialogue, but it fixes itself after the audio stops playing. It’s also not just the dialogue bugging out, the entire audio bugs out and every sound made stutters this way, like it was chopped in pieces and glued together, overlapping etc.

Seems like it’s not relevant to audio drivers or hardware. No other game has issues and it only started after the big update.

Might be correlated to some ingame triggers. Mostly happens during high intensity action with lots of specials/elites for a brief time, maybe bugs out due to new audio files from certain abilities, maybe there is too much audio playing at once.

Happens every single game, sometimes even several times per run. Tried different ingame audio settings. Changing “Auto” to “Stereo headphones” settings seems to fix the stuttering issue (or at least lowers it’s occurance) but still can’t hear many audio cues from the enemies.

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Can confirm. Especially the direction of the sound being wrong, when the enemy is not in sight.

I have been getting audio issues, too. Voicelines/cues sometimes start, there is a weird beep noise, and then the voiceline cuts out and doesn’t finish. Lots of silent enemies, I am getting hit in the back far more often simply because I can’t hear them. All other sounds will be playing normally through that without any interruption.

#3 for me. It’s very disorientating. When the bug happens it’ll also occasionally seem like I’m hearing audio from another player’s perspective.

After playing some more I think the issue has to do with Male Loner Psyker. It only seems to happen when I’m playing mine or when I’m playing a different character and that specific Pysyker ends up in the team.

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