Missing ingame sounds

Issue Description:
During game if lots of sounds should be played simultaneously some of them are missing. Like lot’s of mutants/dogs/shooting rumbler or grenade at horde of poxwalkers.
Sound card Sound blaster z, latest drivers. Switching direct mode on/off doesn’t help.

Steps to Reproduce:
Shoot grenade box at hoard, wait for wave of mutants of hounds.

Mission Name (If Applicable):

Steam. Local files checked, game redownloaded.

Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

It seems problem solved by turning off SBX progfile in SBCommand application

Thank you for sharing your solution here! :slight_smile:

No luck, the problem is still here. You need a horde big enough to hear described effect. Strangely, x-fi card didn’t have this problem.

Same problem here, since the last patch me and friends I play with had the same issues. Characters start to talk with robotic like voices, and many sounds are completely muted, specials included.
What seems to trigger it is the amount of specials spawning at the same time.
Needless to say it can be game breaking especially on Auric levels where they are many waves of those units.

The upcoming patch doesn’t seem to address the missing sound issue. Can we have an update on this, please?

This is in our database and awaiting investigation, I apologise I don’t have anything else to share right now.

Thank you for your reply, Julia.