Audio ques

Audio que issues @Fatshark_Hedge

burster and muttie - fine all present and correct.

bomber and trapper- dont have that spawning announce or im not recognising it. think the bomber should give its position away with an audio line when it throws . trapper is kind of stealthy to but he comes right up to you and you do get the im about to fire alert so there ok i guess but i do feel they should have a movement sound or something.

sniper- these guys need a spawn warning it ok to not give its position away but that red line is not always visible from the side and the first you know shouldnt be the feel of traveling sideways waving good buy to what used to be your health.

dregs and scabs

the backstab noise - is it a little too late and a bit unreliable as in it doesnt even sound half the time?

they spawn silently , they move silently half the time the backstab doesnt trigger so the first you know is the sound of toughness taking a smack turn to see a dozen enemy in what not 5 seconds ago was an empty hallway. it feels unfair

they need footfalls , breathing , murmering chatter something, they are silent right now

i swear the chip damage issue could be solved just by giving us soem warning were in melee.

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The only way to solve the chip damage is to remove it completely. I’ve no idea why Fatshark won’t just do that. It’ll blow my mind if they’ll grow headaches figuring out how to balance Guard/HP etc etc when all they have to do is JUST. REMOVE. CHIP DAMAGE!

Also, I have no issue with the audio ques except for the trapper. He’s too quiet and should be as recognizable as the hookrat for sure. As for the bomber: you can hear the pin drop as he’s about to throw (“pinnnng”).

do the dregs and scabs make movement sound for you ? i mean can you hear them coming and is the backstab sound reliable for you?

i have wondered if this is a bug on my side.

I’m not sure I hear their footsteps. I don’t think I do, but I don’t think I heard footsteps of the rats in Vermintide 2? 400+ hours into that game, and I can’t tell you lol :stuck_out_tongue:

The backstab sound is reliable. I know exactly when it’s a ranged warning or melee warning. Due to the sound, I’ve often managed to do a sick 180 and block the incoming hit.

On a sidenote: Ranged enemies are overpowered and way too accurate and way too many. Dodge one of them, and the other 8 hit you squarely in the face anyway.

heh i just had to go back to check as i couldnt recall either an no there is no footfall , but every single rat type has a sound that plays upon aggro, its chattering from slaves jangle of armour from storm etc
this is what im missing in DT , thers absolutely no warning theres something there untill it attacks, in Vermitide you would have the aggro noises warning you before the atttacks come in.

or…hear me me out here. dont remove the chip damage because its a good mechanic that promotes better gameplay. eating melee hits for free is heresy.

Yeah the Trapper should have a constant sound like the Hookrat, among other elites. I agree!

There’s this sort of “swoosh” sound when something outside of your vision is about to hit you, though. Isn’t that good enough with regards to aggro sounds?

Chip-damage is broken, period. There’s a reason Vermintide doesn’t have it. The joke’s on you, Haiboku, once Fatshark realizes they made a mistake regarding it. Which will happen. 100%.

haha the jokes on me. thats funny because your the one who is saying chip damage is too hard for you to deal with. your the one who is crying because your getting hit in melee. your the one who cant improve to adapt to the mechanics of a new game (this is darktide btw, not vermintide). maybe quit crying and dying and start improving yourself and you will realize that chip damage wasnt the problem all a long. it was you.

well thats the backstab sound for an off screen atatck, for me its inconsistent im not sure if thats an ultra wide monitor issue or some fov issue.

the lack of agro sounds means the first thing you know about back spawn is after they have launched the attack, it makes it hard to make plans to do weapon swaps/ranged takedowns during melee fights , and it leads to constantly spinning reacting to last second warnings. these aggro sounds in vermintide allow you to be procative you always know where all the threats are you can have a plan. in DT you can get away from everything youve been told about swap to a ranged weapon to take out the sniper and then bang the first the game tells you about the 10 dregs that came out the door 5 feet behind you is the chain backstab noises or toughness impacts.

its like playing a racing game but your not allowed to see the corner till after your supposed to be braking for it.

Haiboku, I’m informing you now and only once that I’ll no longer interact with you henceforth. You’re clearly a child with not an ounce of respect for others.

i wont see you anyways. you will be hardstuck malice

Still going on.

tbh id figured this most be something perculiar to my setup , or id be seeing a lot more threads complaining about it , got a new pc since then and it remains the same , but i am still using a 5.1 surround speaker setup , but even trying headphones and stero settings those sounds are not present for me.