New loud noise for specials spawing specifically the not scary ones like rattling gunner

ok… idk why this was a thing or who thought this is a good idea. its loud and very obnoxious. we dont need to hear a loud sound everytime a special spawns. idk if its suppose to be for all but im ok with sneaky specials. please for the love of god dont keep this sound when they spawn. we all know. you already make it obvious with their voicelines. thank you


the less clutter the better. audio clutter is the worst.

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Agreed, the sounds just drown everything else for a few seconds.
Was that ever an issue? You could hear a rattling gunner clanking about and the flamer rat muttering his curses from a mile away anyway. Why fix something that finally worked ok?


Must ask the super duper elite private discord group for that. Probably came from someone in that group.


I agree. However this is an intended feature. If you look through previous patch notes from over the years there have been a sizeable amount of entries along the lines of “made specials easier to hear during hordes”. There has been a lot of frustrated feedback about these things not making a sound or not being heard - and frankly I don’t understand why. I’ve never had a hard time with audio cues.

But it is what it is. I don’t expect this to change any time soon.

This one surprised me and the sound is weird; I never thought gunners or fire rats were being troublesomely quiet. Just hookrats and gutter runners.



i get it; i understand the need to cater to new players. but this is just the biggest crutch. most things that spawn including bosses are just blaring in our ears. footsteps of beastmen are way too loud. from all the dedicated vermintide players with over 2k hrs in this game, this is borderline tilting.

EDIT: and most importantly, when these new sounds get turned up it muffles the game. jus feels off and very low quality. like someone jus turns the game down to yell at us.

Yes, but the problem wasn’t in the sounds themselves. The sond sources get sorted by priority and then the unimportant ones get culled. That was the issue - important sounds not being played, not the freakin’ loudness of them, jeez…

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Perhaps adding these spawn cues (similar to gutter runner’s) for both ratling gunner and fire rat makes sense only during terror events, or more generally – when there’s a lot of active sound sources at a single given time.

Otherwise, these cues seems indeed like an overkill.

I actually agree with this.

These are the specials that need boosted stingers and sound effects: Assassin, Leech, and Hookrat.

In one game last night I had 3 Flamers spawn in rapid succession and it sounded like a damn Warpstone hovercraft was trying to take off or something.

In my experience cues from your own character and the party are pretty accurate in terms of calling out when a Gunner or Flamer spawns. The Flamers already had a stinger that was really easy to hear most of the time anyway.

Globadiers have always been somewhat stealthy so character callouts only are okay for them in my opinion.


I’m not quite sure how sound is mixed in house, but I feel turning ambient noise down and increasing special sounds to the forefront would be a nice solve if it’s available, vs turning all sound up (gunners have always gotten lost in the noise for me, but firerats have a pretty telling stinger).

Naturally packmasters are quieter than Eshin assassins still. The new noises are a bit loud. You should notice them but they shouldn’t absolutely dominate every other sound in the game like they currently will do. The usual problems are specials not making any sound or they(like packmasters) get their sound drowned out by everything else in the game. At times when a bunch of specials spawn together all of them may not make a spawning noise.

The minotaur sounds even more amazing now though. So far I’ve enjoyed the added minotaur effects. They’re really creepy in a good way.


i also want to add that hook rats and leaches when they teleport and suck are alot quieter/silent now. so this update has had the opposite affect for me: on host AND as a client

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Exactly, this is such a troll addition, not only is it pointless but it’s also loud :joy: Kinda same as the stomping goats & leeches (initial spawn sound) .

Only two sounds that needed “buff” were assassin and hookrat. And … those got nothing.


guys, where is the outlet where FS has the strongest community relation? is it not this forum? there is like no communication here. they cant be this busy

Since they get sheit thrown at then when they communicate and they get sheit thrown at them when they don’t, they chose to be like a 5 year old and “I will never talk to you again”.
And this is the improvement in the communication that was promised for the who-knows-how-many-times after the bust that was the WoM beta test.


They’ve said in the past that they read all threads here on the forums and the forum statistics show this. But they tend not to interfere as it can actually hamper feedback and hijack topics. They have increased communication a lot, including doing AMA’s on reddit and posting the results here. They normally answer questions live on stream as well.


Main sounds that need to be spot on would be hard CC specials, Ambushes/Hordes, backstab sound indicator, boss spawns and patrols.

The other specials don’t need to be as loud but they should still have some sort of indicator because the real problem with VT2 is that you’ll have moments in the game where the audio simply doesn’t work and you take damage / die / lose because of that. Only real surprise imo should be which direction an enemy spawns and that’s it.

This is ignoring the other problems when it comes to spawns and attack animations.

I saw one, was there another?

Also when/where did this happen?