Gunners not making sound unless you see them

Gunners have been spawning and standing in a spot without moving, i dont know the exact date this started happening but it atleast a week i would say but it might be longer.

They will not make a spawn sound, and not move or do anything, unless you turn the corner and then they start shooting at you and at that moment you will hear the ratling sound it makes. So they are basically a real ambush special now.

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They haven’t had a spawn sound in ages, it was removed soon after it was introduced because it blocked out important special sounds, like gutter runners and such. Same with warpfires.
That aside, I’ll start paying attention to this, I have a small suspicion I’ve gotten hit by something like it.

Yea about spawn sound it might of been a while, but now they like make no sound, not all of them but some, once you turn the corner they make sound and start shooting, very weird, it reminds me of the hook rats who just bug out and don’t move kind off.

It happens to all the specials that need to path to the player. All skaven ones. If stormer and leech are affected it’s more subtle.

We all know it happens to horde and elite enemies too. Not sure if it started happening with WoM release or at another date, but they ignore players, ignore attack prio, just zone out and become statues or re-aggro if you get close (if they froze after killing another player char).

Specials are way more noticable but this is an issue across the board.

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