1.0.4 Special Disabler Spawns Clarification? - Other special issues


Patch note 1.0.4 states the following :

Champion Difficulty
Removed the increased chance for spawning disabler specials.
Increased time between specials spawn slightly for Mixed and Skaven segments.

Legend Difficulty
Removed the increased chance for spawning disabler specials.
Increased time between specials spawn for Skaven segments.
Increased time between specials spawn for Chaos segments just a smidge, since they have a lower total special allowance anyways.

Could you provide a little more clarification on the matter because to me it’s really not the case.
We see a lot of disabler spawning together.

It can be 2 packmaster, 1 assassin followed by 3 leechers
Or 2 assassins, 2 leechers or whatever combinations you want, it still is a sh**t load of disablers.
I don’t really mind but it doesn’t match the patch note and might be bugged somehow?

What bothers me :

  • Specials spawning without a sound (like leechers sometimes spawn next to you and you’re not even aware of it because no “electric” sound triggered for some reason

  • Specials spawning on the map too close of players. That wouldn’t be a problem if the “initial” spawn sound would be located in the proper direction but it’s not the case. The spawning sound is just an “area” sound without any indication of where it actually spawned, you then have to pay attention about the “walking” or “teleporting” sound of special for the real location.
    But you don’t have to “wait” for those sounds “moving” sounds of special since they sometimes just pop on you and you can’t even react

Another topic about specials : Gatling gunners firing through everything, walls, wood, whatever…
(it also other distance specials are concerned, but really, gunners)
Sometimes you just have to hide from gunners because you just can move because of skaven. So you find a decent spot like hiding under a big ass wall and you just get fired at through said wall. What the heck are you supposed to do if you can’t fire back and can’t move because of other skavens hitting you? It’s the most annoying kind of defeat and it mostly happens on the map “Into the Nest” right when you leave the dwarven area and get into the rat zone.

Anyways, I don’t mind a good challenge but what can you do when you’re mislead about specials location and get fired at through walls? It’s just not fun.

FYI : It’s just my feedback after 345 hours of gameplay on VM2 (also 700 on VM1)
Not gonna talk about class balance, power or stagger issues I know you guys are focusing on that these days :slight_smile:



I believe they acknowledged the issue of gunners firing through walls so hopefully we’ll see a fix for that soon! Into the Nest is a nightmare because of it…

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