Numbers of disablers spawn when u are alone fighting boss-horde

alone fighting troll+fanatic horde. i cant revive my team bc barier so clutch time.
but after i cleared horde 2 leech 2 assasins spawn -.-
IM alone! why 4 disablers spawn??
i will say it this is ridiculous


The more players are alone - away from team, the more often disablers start to spawn. And since you’re the only surviving player, ALL players (you) are alone now. That’s why in this situation special spawns consist almost exclusively of disablers.

thats “rush intervention” if is same as vt1. if a single player rush ahead far away from team disablers spawn.
but this is different AI director just spawn RNG crap on u. and u end up with 4 disablers some time.
no skills involved u just have to hope on that bs AI director spawn.
this needs to change u are alone what is the point to spawn 4 disablers?


I believe there’s supposed to be a protection element when you’re solo and last-man-standing but that too seems a bit out of whack, same as the protection element when just started to fight a boss, it seems a bit broken too atm in terms of specials.


i would love to see this. i mean like killing floor one. that game needs skills if u are last man standing and clutch the wave. but this game is just RNG bs AI director and on top of that u cant revive team bc barier !@nonsense@!
if i cant revive then dont trow at me disablers… OR?------> question if 3 players die do i have to die on that boss fight? (to not waste time)
in the end if there is a barier for me make a barier to AI director and mobs that cant pass true barier to


I’m pretty sure if you go through the patch notes meticulously you can find something related to them trying to fix this, but it simply hasn’t worked out as a fix yet


Dude I never said I like this feature. I 100% agree that that’s a special situation, that needs to be handled differently in terms of disabler spawn. All I did was answer your question:

Yet I am being treated like some kind of apologist, just because I didn’t state my personal opinion on the matter.

And no, this is not RNG. I’ve been in this situation a lot of times, and I am pretty confident that every second special becomes a disabler.

Update: Actually, I am not that tilted by this situation either. This is a team game, and you’re not supposed to solo carry it tbf. If your team died - that’s completely your fault, yours and your teammates. So I see no reason why the game should suddenly go easy on the last man standing. Should it spawn more disablers - I think no, special spawn should just be usual. Should it spawn less specials, delay waves and bosses - hell no! Sorry dude, but teamwipe is 100% your fault, now deal with it!

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The double-specials are meant to be a group-threat however, this is more about that than the general frequency of specials, I’m pretty sure they intended for less to spawn when last man standing but don’t quote me on it as I really can’t be bothered to look it up, I just tend to read all patchnotes and view all the streams etc. It was along the same lines as spawnrates during bosses.

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Idk if that’s intended or not and I see no reason why I should be caring. I have MY OWN opinion, and if devs think different - that’s their right. And I don’t see how someone’s intentions is an argument to my opinion, or even to yours.

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Don’t worry, wasn’t trying to argue just trying to add to the discussion c:

As far as it getting to the point of being last man standing, yes you are certainly correct - but the mere existence of emergency talents ‘gain X if all 3 other heroes are dead’ implies there’s an intention of there being some mechanics in place for that.

Not saying that I like them being there though… a lot of things like the movement for slayer and the damage reduction since he has 0 ranged kind of feel like they should be built into his kit since they’re so mandatory (except the movement speed which is completely overruled in general in any decent group by other talents) but he suffers most from lack of mobility and helplessness to some ranged mechanics (one can argue he can jump out but there’s plenty of mechanisms/areas in the game that prevent the slayer from killing said enemy in the first place so it’s loss-loss situations that occur.)

By that logic damage increase when you get grabbed implies, that players are supposed to get grabbed and damage reduction on revive - that players are supposed to die.

No it’s not like that. This talents are just bad performance compensation talents. They don’t imply anything.

Also they look to me just like filler talents. Each character has 12 distinct talents, and it is really hard to come up with 12x5=60 unique talents. That’s why you just add something that comes first to you mind without any second thought. By that logic, “last survivor” talents imply even less than nothing.

No, since those are fallback talents for people that find they struggle dodging said grabbing enemy more often than not, which indeed is a bad-performance compensation talent. I view those differently however, not everyone has twitch-reactions and those talents are nice for the more casual people that don’t have the time to spend 300-800 hours learning every grain of mechanic there is to learn.

Not saying I’m happy they’re there either, but there being safety nets in place doesn’t imply that it’s intended for it to happen, merely that there’s mechanics of sorts that are intended to give the players a second-chance before squashing them.

This talents almost never work for a set of reasons:

  1. You sacrifice your performance to get a “critical situation” talent. So it is going to be easier to survive those situations, but it will be easier to get them either, and the former always never compensates for the latter.
  2. These talents only work for specific situations, while let’s say 20% dodge or 5% crit work all the time in all kinds of situations (unless you’re incapacitated of course.), which also makes their choice less appealing.
  3. This talents are very egocentric. They help you, when you end up in those situations, but your team might end up having one becuase you didn’t pick a “performance” talent.

Not a mechanics, an option, that comes as a trade off. This is very different.

If all you’re trying to do is dissect every word to turn it into an argument then I’m not game, mate - I’ve seen you do this with a few people already.

Just to show you what I mean

Wouldn’t you say that if they end up in those situations it isn’t a case of

I continually said I disagree with these talents being around just as much as you do, but you seem unable to grasp the reasoning behind their existence when it’s quite obvious that they’re meant to be

Their whole existence is to be there as a trade-off/sacrifice of other options. A ‘‘bad’’ player most likely won’t be able to prevent said situation from happening to themselves or other people in the first place, this option only exists so people that frequently find themselves caught in such situations don’t weigh the group down as much.

So please, stop trying to argue with me now just to argue - we’re on the same page, just a different line.

I am not arguing with you. Just because I am replying to your post, doesn’t mean I am trying to prove you’re wrong or persuade you. I am just trying to show, that every decision has it pros and cons.

And while I also see

I just state that from my experience they usually don’t work because of the stated reasons. Though this can be shortened even more - because of balance. If these talents end up being useful for newbies, they are likely to end up being even more useful for pros. So it is really hard to balance them out, and that’s why in most games they end up being underpowered.

First of all, there was no argue up until this post. Second, there were inaccuracies in your statements. Third, yes, we are on the same page, I just think these talents are worthless because of the stated reasons (hard to balance).

When I mentioned mechanics I wasn’t talking about the talents all on their own so much as the whole game in it’s entirity and the mechanisms built into it.

I’m very much aware of the inherent nature of talents being sacrifices and breakpoints / luck or rng (crits) and skill mattering when combined with talents to prevent said situations from happening in the first place, but I’ll tell you now that plenty of players on legend repeatedly find themselves trapped by these creatures to a point where nobody can immediately assist them with the way they play and that I’d personally be quite happy if those people flocked to this talent - creating an opportunity for second chances - much the same as the last-man-standing ones do when a situation happens to overpower you.

This in turn can aid in leading to feel-good moments (which is what games are all about) when you clutch a situation, which is inherent good game-design, despite better game-design being talents that all feel like they matter rather than flat stat-buffs that most number-crunchers, min-maxers, skilled players and elitist meta-players will flock to anyway.

I suppose I took issue with you attempting to discuss with me over quite basic functions that I find rather obvious myself, which only goes to further show the fact that we’re actually on the same page on a lot of things.

At the end of the day however this topic is about disabler spawnrates when fighting a boss-horde, which admittedly seems rather out of whack at times, the challenge is in overcoming it all at once but when players get no time to adjust to a situation the challenge is replaced with frustration. I don’t mind them all spawning in a given area but the spacing could be a LOT better than it is now at times.

As an example I had a group the other day where we heard a boss spawn, it took about a full minute for it to reach us at which point we had specials coming our way and a fresh ambush spawning all around us so by the time the boss reached us they had all the freedom to pummel trapped players before assassins and hookrats came to finish everyone off.

To add; I spoke of good game-design but an example of bad game-design is to create a game-breaking barrier to prevent players from reaching a certain area and then forcing respawn locations to be placed behind said area. It’s annoying enough for people trying to speedrun let alone being faced with a high health-pool enemy that’s so slow the game designers had to solve it’s mobility issue with an impervious barrier blocking player progression so the boss doesn’t get exhausted from running after them. Rather than creating an engaging boss (a good example is the stormfiend whose AI is so buggy sometimes that it’ll spend 5 minutes jumping up and down a rooftop even when you’re out of line-of-sight.)

I’d like to see an option where you can trade 50% of your max health to kill the disabler that’s currently on you. It shouldn’t work with temp hp, but if you wouldn’t have enough hp to trade your hp would be set to 1 - then we could change the “something happens when you’re pinned” talents to “less health spent for freeing yourself”(nothing major,like 10-15% less)

technically that’s not true. There’s a lot of overlapping talents other than the level 20 ones.

Not saying they should add it but while I dont think they should let you free yourself, a quicktime event to lower damage taken or ‘‘stall’’ SLIGHTLY would be funny

I said this today already,but…QTE’s? Eeeeeeewwwwww.

I’d take button mashing over QTE’s every day. Like spam left-right to slow down damage ticks or packmasters movement.

That’s why I said:

Of course saying that each character “is supposed to have 12 distinct” talents would be more precise, but distinct isn’t equal to “unique”, so still “technically” I am not wrong.

Idk what was the point of bringing that up anyways.