Does the game hate the last man standing?

Is it really neccessary that the game goes so hard on the lst survivor?

I´m coming fresh from a situation, a deed on legend, where my team bit the dust and I was the last one facing a Rat Ogre. After a few minutes of dancing around and dodging my heart out, I managed to kill the bloody thing alone and push forward to where my buddy respawned. And then the game spawned two assassins at once. I was already standing ontop of my buddies, but didnt dare to release them as I could get pounced at any moment. Let´s just say… I managed to kill one of the assassins…

Yeah, I know it is coded into the game to spawn disablers when somebody splits from the team ventures off alone, but is it really neccessry to pile on this kind of stuff if youre in the process of pulling a last stand? I noticed that multiple times - the last player is already facing overwhelimg odds, might have to fend off a horde alone, but increased disabler spawn rates are downright mean. Could you tone that down, please, and allow to the last man to at least go down with a fight instead of a pounce/leech/hook instagib?

This isn’t correct. Rush intervention only triggers when the player is away from the team (either alive or bleeding out). When all players but one are dead or in respawn, rush intervention is disabled and does not spawn any extra disablers (unless you are playing S&D deeds, where there are more specials overall–faster cooldown). This is why true soloers aren’t additionally punished during true solos (which are essentially extended clutch sequences).

To further clarify; Legend allows a special spawn rate of 2/4 (or 4 specials, up to 2 of the same type), with a variable cool down time of 50-90 seconds (I believe; don’t quote me on this time span). This is further baked into intensity and threat levels, which takes into account what is currently going on in the map (players alive, damage taken and dealt, enemies up, etc.). All of these factor into what (and when) things spawns.

You were a victim of bad RNG, not rush intervention.

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Mhn. Thanks for the clarification. Yet somehow, it always feels that when there is only one person alive, there WILL be a disabler set upon them. It´s anecdotal, I know, but in my experience, if somebody manages to survive the event that killed their three buddies, overwhelmingly the chances are that the thing that kills them is a disabler.

The game actually spawns less specials and enemies when a player is the last man standing, to promote clutch situations, and to make up for the fact that, up until the very last moment, it was spawning enemies intended for the whole group to take on.

What you are experiencing is the intensity of fighting the horde of enemies, elites and specials that the game had spawned for you and your group, while you are alone. But from the moment you are the last man standing, the game stops spawning as many enemies and tunes itself the hell down.

At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Seems to line up with my experiences on the matter, however. I believe the only exception to this is a map’s finale, which just spawns things and doesn’t care how many people are up. Could be wrong though.

No, you are right. There are set spawns (i.e. exhaustible) and/or waves (reoccurring) during terror events (all those where you can notice different then regular spawn behaviour).
There is an older reddit post from Grimalackt where he goes through all the events. It’s a bit outdated on the exact numbers, but the general consensus and the description of how those events work still holds true. It’s a bit long, but worth it for truly understanding the events.
Some events, like the domwheel workshop pit on ‘Engines of War’, can be managed way better if you know how it works: you have to push to the barrels to stop the gasrats from spawning and destroy at least 1 doomwheel after that, then only some slaverats and that 1 monk every now and then will spawn, nothing else.