Disable grabber spawns when you are the only hero alive

It’s anticlimatic and unfair when you are soloing immeasurable hordes including chaos warriors alone, only to be rewarded with a grabber teleporting next to you and killing you. These probably should be disabled when you are alone and this music is playing


but the risk add’s so much intensity and fun!

lol no, become proficient.


It really depends on the level of difficulty and how many. If I can see an assassin or pack master before they “pounce” I’m likely going to dodge them. I actually really enjoy 1v1’s assassins.

What the game director does fail to do is give you a chance in a situation. The ability to play the game should never* be taken out of the players hands. You should always have a chance, be it a small one. If an assassin literally spawns on you, seen it happen, you had no chance. No amount of reaction could prevent that. Those are the situations I want fixed.

*I’m not talking about after a pack master or assassin grabs you.


In VT1 grabbers didn’t spawn when there was just one hero. I don’t know why they changed this

In VT1 grabbers didn’t spawn when there was just one hero.

Then why did my True Solo runs so often end up in getting a facefull of gutter runner?


This isn’t true at all, played VT1 for a long time and had plenty of grabbers spawn while I was the last one standing or the only one alive.

Big thumbs down on this thread’s suggestion, it’s completely fair for the game to be extremely difficult when you’ve got no backup left, that’s the point of it being heavily co-op. It’s satisfying to survive and save your team with all the odds against you, and disabler specials are a huge part of that.


Just no, learn to play. This is Warhammer The End Times ffs. If you scrwed up so badly that youre the only one standing then you better be good at dodging, and for the matter at everything else as well.

You can also play Pyro or Waystalker press F.

Problem is where you get sudden flood of leeches, gutter runners, 2 blighstormers camping behind borders of the map and packmaster that groups you through roof.
Yes thats shame. :grimacing:

But when you are alone and get 1 that you can see, you just need to dodge it. Even leech can be dodged :nurgle:.
Thats the point I think, you are the last one, so you need to be super careful.

You know what they say:“Clutch or kick”. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I wouldn’t go that far. I think there are some very exciting moments when last man standing is able to kill a few specials and grab a revive. But there is a point where the director gets a little ridiculous.

If an assassin literally spawns on you, seen it happen, you had no chance. No amount of reaction could prevent that. Those are the situations I want fixed.

I think this pretty much sums it up. The specials should spawn far enough from the player and the sound queues should occur immediately and most important ALWAYS. I still have the feeling that sometimes the audio queues just don’t play but perhaps there were just too many sounds playing at once.


No to it baseline, but mod support should allow the option to make a patch/expansion with a charm or neck item trait for “immune to cc while last man standing” or “deal damage to all enemies around you while disabled”.

This right here is the word of god :pray:. Chat between characters in V1 was really fun but in V2 they somehow overdid it and everyone is non stop spamming something. And its blocking other important quotes like tagged enemies or items.

Same with enemy alerts, every slave :chains: :skaven: rat now has 50 quotes shouting, leeches and blighstormers have whole litanies and they block out important info.

I would also be down for the grabbers to stop spawning when you are the last one alive, just my 2 cents.

Yeah this was an issue during beta and would cause all sound to crash. The audio gets overloaded and can’t play everything.

My only issue is the sound bug and you cant hear the special, otherwise it is perfectly normal to spawn grabbing special when you are alone, you can dodge or counter all of them. Without it i would be too easy to rez your teammate and finish the game, i play shade in legend and i survive to a lot of last man standing ( thanks to her ultimate ), the only time i fail to rez my team mate are miss play on my part against grabber or boss spawning with green wall preventing me to rez.

I just hope they will fix this sound bug because in VT1 i don t remember having such a bug.

U can kill graber even if you are alone, and thats called skill… So please no.

Few days ago i watched one dwarf after we died, guy alone repeled like 10 specials (grabbers included) and ressurected us, it was pleasure to watch his skills and how he positioned himself when those specials appear /respect

I’ve also literally seen a pack master spawn on top of someone. Read the entire thread before posting something snarky.

Even if he spawn above you he not grab you the same second, althrought u need to be very quick.

This is 100% not true. I have seen Assassins and Pack Masters spawn on top of someone and with in 1 second grab them. It is not a common occurrence but it does happen. You are unable to react with in that amount of time.