Back after a year break first impressions, very cool, can i get better last man standing mechanic?

maybe it could be for novice / veteran settings only if last man standing makes things “to easy” for the “pro” players.

i picked my favourite character dwarf tank, (as i was rusty and knew i would have to save downed people) picked veteran difficulty to ease myself back in.

was all going okay, lots of fun a few of the others where getting downed before the barn fight, then they decided they were tough enough to pick up 2 grimoires (facepalm) now they dying nearly every encounter, still carrying them with revives.

We jump down off the barn cross the field and 2 get insta downed on the wall whilst i am still behind them. Other guy gets downed as I try to fend things off and get to revive I get hook ratted. It was amusing and I kinda wished I recorded it. However…

Can I have an ability to unhook myself if I am the only one alive? even if it costs a lot of health / sheilds. Or some sort of immunity to hook by using up shields? I cannot do an epic heroic party save / carry if i get insta hooked. I think i was blocking at the time.


maybe they could do something that if a grimoire gets dropped due to characters dying it unhooks last survivor?

here is my proudest moment in vermintide 2 from 7 months ago.

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All the disablers’ attacks can be dodged, though the timing is quite tight for Assassins and Hookrats. Both can also catch you unaware, so it isn’t easy, especially when you’re alone managing them and other things.

But in all honesty, I think that clutching would lose a lot of its meaning and difficulty if there were universal mechanics for releasing oneself - at that point, disablers are your primary danger, really. And if you really want to do something about it, Ironbreaker does have a Talent that pushes enemies away when his Gromril Armour triggers. This does push also Hookrats and Assassins releasing you from them, so that’d be your choice if you want safer clutching. It’s not fully reliable though (as you may well take hits from elsewhere), and managing everything still requires skill.


I understand where you are coming from and the true solo mod for modded realm allows you to use your ult to get released.

However, in general it’s considered best not to get grabbed at all. Before WoM it was possible to avoid all disablers. You could still get unlucky, but there was always a way.

Now often we have silent hookrats in hordes spawns, assassins going lightning fast and leech projectiles dodge tracking and it sucks there’s nothing to counter that.

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Leeches are 10 times easier to dodge than trash mobs, they never track. I only ever get leeched when I don’t hear it teleport. As long as you don’t tunnel the hordes and give some ground when you hear a disabler spawn or approach, with some skill they all can be avoided.

Ah yes, the old “I’ve never seen it, so it doesn’t exist” answer. Classic.

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I think we just got used to the old tracking system, i ran into that problem myself, too.
Before it was 3s, now it’s 0.75s. That means our dodge window (as they target the player when they end their little gesture animation) has to be timed way better then the usual ‘he spawns, okay, 1, 2, now dodge’ it was before. You have to add up on it (maybe 1s or 2s are enough), re-learn dodging him.

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I do like the idea of getting some “last man standing bonus” by default. May not be exactly releasing yourself from hookrats but I have some ideas (I don’t mean there must be all of that. But some would be really nice):

  • Be able to use ult even if disabled (so if you do have your ult ready, you may be able to release yourself)
  • Gain full temp hp bar
  • Gain increased speed/power/ult regen. Not as much as on “concoction” potion use, but a small buff
  • Gain increased stamina regen
  • Gain 50% damage reduction (just as old Handmaiden and Battle Wizzard talents)

But the buffs applied lasts for only say… 90 seconds? After that you better overturned the flow of the battle and picked your re-spawned allies back
Will it last indefinitely In case of abduction deed mutators? dunno.

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Aahhhh, my friend, your wish has already been granted. Look no further than the talent Gromril Curse. When your gromril armor passive is broken, it knocks back all enemies around you, including assassins and pack-masters which have already grabbed you (haven’t tested on leeches yet). It is easily one of the best talents in the game right now for that reason, among many others. In truth, it is a blessing, not a curse.


Yeah, that talent is just crazy strong. Even besides being the only thing in the game that allows a solo player to save themselves from a disabler (barring a bomb thrown just before, or some kind of DoT put on the disabler before-hand), the stagger is just generally strong and useful.

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It’s probably a lag issue if you are client when the projectile still seems to track. You dodge, but it registers too late for the host. So for client it appears you dodged in time, but host says otherwise. To compensate the projectile still tracks you when it shouldn’t.

Can’t say it happens much, but I’ve seen it happen.

I’ve been hosting exclusively for some months now (and definitely everytime since 2.0) and it still happens every couple of games, so not ping related (at least for me).

I think it triggers as soon as you are grabbed, so if you are too far away it won’t reach the leech.

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Gromril Curse . very cool talent. Pretty much sorts out the problem i had. Thanks Kingseeker! (and all others who have replied.)

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It will knock off leeches as well, provided they’re not too far away. From my experience, it doesn’t trigger instantly, but in a few seconds

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