Please Rework Falling Clinging to Edge - Some Way to Recover Without Team Help

Please rework the falling / hanging on edge after getting knocked off game mechanic. My friends and I haven’t been able to complete 5 runs due to getting knocked off the edge by some big monster. We would love a way to self recover maybe at the cost of health or something.

Ledge hanging was an acceptable mechanic in theory, requiring teamwork to solve and positioning to prevent.

Now let’s talk about ledges in PRACTICE.

Chaos Wastes introduced a LOT of lethal edges. Sometimes a single assassin can one-shot an entire team before the portal. It’s insane. If you’re in any way airborne like during a jump, the slightest touch from an enemy will throw you off a cliff without recourse. Monsters can instantly aggro and turn to you mid-swing and you have to absolutely pray that you’re not within the 100+ degrees of the monster that result in getting cliffed.
Hookrats can drag you over an instant death cliff, which means you can randomly die and lose all your items permanently IF YOU GET SAVED.

Even if you get safely ledged instead of just falling to your death, sometimes enemies can make you fall off within 1 second, even if it’s just a few slave rats, so that just seems like spite.

So yeah, I’m inclined to agree - ledge hanging could use a change like that. But it won’t happen at this point in the game’s lifetime.

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I agree that I’ve had some runs come to an end while I was hanging from a ledge, but in most if not all cases, I felt it was my fault.
I’m not saying there isn’t any unfairness in the game, but dodging into the void is a lack of awareness on my part. Getting yote by a troll or a roger because I was in the danger angle and back to a ledge is my fault. It is tilting, but it’s my fault.
I think the assassin’s repel blast on landing on a player is a bit too strong (or rather, unintuitive) ; in fact assassins as a whole feel janky, but that’s unrelated to ledging.

Regarding monster aggro, I recommend listening to audio queues. There is a distinct sound when a monster switches its aggro to you. Granted, sometimes it makes the sound as it is doing a 180° no-scope to your face, but again when I’m hitting a monster and I feel like I’m dealing more damage than the allies around me (or I displace him) I kind of expect it.

Cliffing, assassins, liches and hookrats are fundamentally a similar mechanic in that you need team cooperation, and that is fine by me.

That being said, there still are some unfair ledges where you expect to be left hanging and instantly die (specially in the Chaos Wastes), and those do feel problematic to me.

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This is a a simple case of a “gitgud” problem. Nothing needs changing.


If it were me, I’d make these changes:

  1. Enemies de-aggro hanging players for a few seconds since they are no longer a threat.

  2. Blocking a mega punch somewhat lowers the trajectory angle of getting launched so you are more likely to hang than get deleted

The underlying problem is just how extreme the punishment is for poor positioning in these cases. Regardless of difficulty level, on those maps, instant death. It’s rarely that bad on adventure maps, where this was not really a problem.

You can avoid it with skillful play, but like, 80 percent of the playerbase is not good enough to avoid the situation every time. And again, instant death. It’s too punishing.


Crap. Here am I thinking VT2 was about getting better at it. Learning not to fight at specific places, how to react to situations, and getting absolutely wrecked when you don’t play by that rule.

Must have been mistaken.

Falling down a ledge, sourrunded by enemies should totally just spawn a toad on a cloud that pushes a billhook down your backside and drags you up. No damage dealt ofcourse, because Sigmar protecc.

Next up: “Enemey overheads deal too much damage and should not be able to one hit me!”


I just find it really odd that I can’t just pull myself up and I need somebody else to help.

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I really don’t think this kind of rhetoric contributes to a productive discussion. If you don’t agree, lay out your game design arguments like the rest of us. Justify instant death as a consequence of incorrect positioning rather than downgrading the discussion to ad hominems and straw men.

With other instances of bad positioning you have some reactionary control. In order to soak a one shot overhead kill you need to be unaware, be out of stamina, be unable to dodge, have no ult (depending). With yeet yeet rat ogre pawnch it’s basically you avoid large swaths of the battlefield or risk instant death with much less at your disposal to remedy the situation.

It works both ways too. I think bumping bosses off cliffs is too cheesy. It’s funny the first couple times, and actually a little cathartic to give them their own medicine, but both instances cheapen the experience. I think ledge hangs are totally appropriate consequences for a boss bump, but not space exploration death.

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Same reason you need a pat on the back by the elf to stand up after getting crushed by the fists of a several tons heavy monstrosity

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At the very least they need to change it to not need such precise positioning to rescue someone.


Without being snarky about it, I think it’s fine. Just as long as bots (if they’re in the game) don’t walk off ledges consistently and will actually pick players up.

That, I can agree with.
It is fine if you need to crouch to pull up the person (a bit of realism there), but having to slowly crawl towards a dying friend in hopes that you don’t get vacuumed off the clif by yourself is not a good thing.

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This is a a simple case of a “gitgud” problem. Nothing needs changing.

Yes, let me just hold on tighter whilst I’m hanging in mid-air, 10ft from the nearest physical ledge, after I was smacked away from it by a big allmighty monster :rofl:

If they died 5 times in a row to being ledged, then yes they need to work on their positioning big time, but that does not discount the fact that there are issues made more obvious with the release of Chaos Wastes, as Zaru illustrates above in some regard.

Ahh, this brings back memories. One of my first experiences in VT 1 was Horn of Magnus, past the elevator, on the stairs up the tower, and an assassin just yeeted the entire team over the edge.
Good times.