Ledge recovery improvements

  1. The game has many places where you’d not expect to find a ledge you are going to hang from (especially in Chaos Wastes).
    Players should pull themselves up from the ledge after some time (like 20 seconds) of not being hit while hanging instead of just falling down for no reason. This way the ledges would still be a threat in combat but wouldn’t be annoying, unfun and potentially run-ending aspects of the game, especially when one hangs off from a ledge after their teammates have dropped off of another and can no longer reach them or are the only remaining player.

  2. Player-assisted ledge recovery should have bigger, better hitboxes so it’s easier to do. I can’t count how many times other players or me myself have fallen off the same ledge just because of how difficult it is to ‘target’ the player hanging off the edge to help them.


@1184 Totally true.

  1. I dont agree.

  2. I totes agree!

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I agree Chaos Wastes should have ledges that can be identified a bit easier, but I disagree in general with being able to essentially revive yourself. It’s one of the few mechanics that requires teamwork and is punishing if ignored. This is good IMO. No need to change a core mechanic to the genre.

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If you fall off a ledge and start holding onto it, but your teammates can’t get back to you because they already jumped off a 1-way ledge then you’re f#cked.
Likewise, if you hang off of a ledge where teammates just can’t get an angle on you, you’re f#cked.

“It requires teamwork and is punishing if ignored.”
Butter is slippery and you can slip on it and fall.

Of course it requires f#cking teamwork. That’s what I want changed. Because it’s bad.
My solution wouldn’t allow you to “revive” yourself mid-fight or to instantly recover, so it wouldn’t make ANY challenge easier, not sure what the f#ck you’re talking about.

My solution is meant to make the game less annoying. Players should pull themselves up instead of falling to their doom after a while of not getting hit.

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OK but …

You’re suggestion implies that players should ignore other players hanging off a ledge, instead of trying to create space to save you, this is bad. We can agree to disagree.

Thats true for anything that disables you unless someone can lob a bomb but often staying behind a 1-way drop is courting death.
My advice would be, and sorry to state the obvious, dont stay behind a 1-way drop.

Actually thats probably half the issue with many players is they run off and split the team. Most of my runs end when a team splits.

I get that you dont like it and its frustrating but I dont see them changing this mechanic.


F#cking hard f#cking disagree. F#ck


Hard agree. This and assassin pounce that launches a shockwave pushing nearby players (near pounced player) are relics from L4D that don’t add to this game, imo.
For versus mode its different.


Automatic recovery would be too OP (there is a boon that does it) but hitboxes should be improved for the recovery. Bots often fall off the ledge themselves when trying to help someone because of the hitboxes. Occasionally where ledges should be present in CW it seems they are not, so you can jump off a cliff and be saved, while jumping off a mountain next to a bridge suddenly won’t “leave you hanging”. A bit more consistency is required here.

Revive effetcs (Krüber’s shout talent and Priests Bubble) used to “revive” allies hanging from a ledge too. I’d say a minigame trying to pull yorself back should be okay IF you are not taking hits, and failing it means you fall down.

I did not know that!