Please let us CRAWL

The group drops off a ledge but the last person to make the attempt gets grabbed or pounced on, someone reacts with range or bomb to kill the special but the victim is downed regardless and now out of reach. Only way to save them now is if Kruber can yell at them loud enough to get them to stand up. (add any other similar situation where the ability to crawl to safety or close the gap to an alive teammate could mean life or death.)

If there’s no nearby mobs striking a dead horse, please LET US CRAWL around on the ground and off cliffs so we can be rescued. L4D, RE6, and GOW had this mechanic, can’t be that hard to implement. L4D even allowed players to continue to fight while disabled!


Left4Dead allowed you to fight while down but certainly did not allow you to crawl while down (unless this was something added that I simply haven’t noticed); that was added by modded servers. In Left4Dead you were just as hosed as you are in Vermintide 2 if you drop behind a point of no return.

The key is to drop as a team; that’s a communication/awareness thing. If you can possibly find a way to use text-chat or voice-comms, coordinate your team into falling as a group (even mid-battle with a Rat-Ogre; if one person gets knocked off the ledge, everyone immediately goes after).

I do get where you are coming from, but I’m a fan of a coordinated team being superior to letting one person clutch and letting it be easier to recover during a clutch. All IMHO, that is.


No amount of communication will prevent someone from being snagged as the whole team makes a drop off and the victim gets caught be it they got jumped from behind or assassin pounces and knocks everyone else off the ledge from the knockback.

I have no issue with the mayflies crawling around on the floor where they belong. Kerillian on the other hand should fall into a meditation state when she goes down. Where she can reflect upon her mistakes of teaming up with these losers who are most likely the cause of her getting downed.

Yes, a crawling feature would be nice. But 9/10 times if you get downed, crawling isn’t going to help.


Never played L4D to be honest, but saw videos of ppl crawling around while incapped. Turns out that was a feature that was removed by the devs but unlocked via modded servers.

Well, not to say that you are incorrect, but in my last 250+ games of Vermintide 2 this has only happened under 2 conditions: the team was too far spread-out at the moment of crossing the point of no return OR half the team was fighting and failed to be aware of their team crossing that point while the other half of the team didn’t communicate that they were crossing it.

If it’s a Gutter-Runner and it’s that close: don’t cross the point if it might pounce someone. If it’s a Packmaster and you can’t kill it, crawling won’t help. If it’s either of those things during a horde, crawling won’t help because the horde is still there. I think @SmokerT69 got it right, but I’d ballpark crawling helping 1/75 or 1/100 times. If the party is going to wipe, it’s likely not going to matter that you can crawl.

If it’s something that’d really fit the fancy of people I’d be okay with it being added because it wouldn’t harm anyone’s gameplay experience, but I don’t think it would be Dev-time spent in an important way.


Well we’re neither talking about wipes nor about incapacitation by special. Sure crawling might be more of a quality of life fix yet I would argue not an unnecessary one as there are a ton of different situations where this might be usefull:

  • Being downed by gattling gun/ flamer to get into cover
  • Being downed by bosses and then left lying in the middle of nowhere
  • Being downed by a wandering enemy while on low HP
  • Being downed on a cliff or drop, mere centimeters away from the other party members reach
  • Being downed by friendly fire
  • Being downed near or in a Blightstorm where you can just sit, wait and hope that the storm will move on as there is almost nothing that will go inside the storm and kill you

Of course as everyone eagerly points out crawling will not safe you in a lot of situations. I still think that this would be a nice feature to have as it would eliminate some of the more frustrating situations and decrease unnecessary down-time. And I don’t think that this would take a lot of time and energy to implement but I’m no developer.

I do not deny that it would be pleasant as a quality of life improvement but I also believe it wouldn’t be a good use of a developers time to implement.

Of the situations you pointed out the only one that would make crawling useful is where you are down next to a cliff which is the situation we discussed earlier; if you get downed on a cliff and you’re the only one on it, that’s largely a problem of team coordination.

The other examples of crawling, while it would do something, wouldn’t be something useful. Getting into cover just means enemies would follow you and beat you to death anyways. No enemies? No need to crawl because your team just walks up and revives you. Enemies? Well, crawling won’t really help if you are penned-in by slave-rats and you’ll be beat to death either way (if you would live because your team saves you, was there a need to crawl?).

Downed by a wandering enemy or friendly fire? Still no need to crawl; your team can still walk over to help you and no difference has been made (unless you count the mere moments of time saved as a considerable difference). Stuck in a Blightstorm? Storms follow players, so if the storm is just sitting on you, moving is only going to move the storm with you because it’s following you, thus not changing your situation.

Implementation and Development Concerns

I’m guessing its implementation would be a direct change of the “Downed” state and you would have to assign movement speeds to characters (uniform) while removing the ability to jump or dodge so it needs to be a new state from standing, but you also can’t have any functionalities of “interactions.”

  • What if you crawl off a cliff that normally send people into a downed state? (I see 100 issues that could come up from this one alone)
  • Does your hit-box change?
  • Do enemies treat you as a barrier? Vice versa?
  • Warpfire Throwers currently push players just like a boss can or any block. Can you get pushed while crawling? If so, can they push you off a cliff? If so, the first bullet point becomes even more relevant
  • What happens if you drank a potion of speed before dropping? Does your crawl speed change?
  • What happens if you crawl while airborne because you were falling when you took the hit?
  • How many bugs will come up with other functions of the game when this is added?

These are all things that would have to be considered and and carried out… all for crawling. IMHO, not worth it.

So, I guess I’m just repeating myself at this point and I apologize for that! I really do see why folks want it implemented and I’ve got no qualms with it being something people want. I also don’t see it’s benefits by comparison to its costs.


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