More forgiving ledge revive hitbox?

Hey! So I don’t think it would be unreasonable to make it easier to interact with fallen allies on ledges.

In the current state you really have to square up and inch toward the edge to grab people which wastes a lot of time and I think is unintentionally more difficult than it should be. Considering it’s much easier to tumble off accidentally in certain areas than it is to actually take lethal damage, could the revive be at least as easy to trigger as a normal downed ally?

You would still have to walk to the edge, except within arms reach instead of nose’s reach.


That’s probably a good idea, especially as I’ve found myself dangling farther off of the edge than normal in some games, and it looks like I’m hanging off of mid air.


This is usually caused by bosses doing their running attack combo on you while you are hanging, their moving hitbox is what pushing you.

I feel like this somewhat needs to be addressed now, since in Chaos Wastes this problem had become very apparrent in contrast with the campaign mode.

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