Reviving needs a rework?!

If 2 players go to revive someone can we not have a Rock Paper Scissor mini game in the UI to decide who picks them up, I don’t understand how this mechanic has got worse not better in Darktide.

A few issues I have experienced and wondered why as my whole team died:

As Ogryn my job is to revive but it seems I’m too tall in circumstances where the E hitbox isn’t quite covering the whole body of the player. (do I need to crouch ?)

Despite having the Revive Teammate Buff on curios the revive bar in the UI fills up slowly/quick based on another factor?! maybe stamina… this wasnt an issue in v2?

Revive UI isn’t the easiest to get to work which in the middle of battle players need to know they are in the animation for reviving and not to let go of E too soon… but is this laggy?! so u might see the bar fill up to completion but the players isnt revived…

My thought is to change the colour of the downed player outline to one that indicates they’re being picked up and an if 2 players try its quicker… If anyone can shine a light on some of the issues I am having I’d much appreciate this

I honestly don’t get to this day why Deep Rock Galactic is the only game to date that understands “if you have 2 people picking a person up the meter goes faster”

It’s not that hard.