Repeatedly knocked/thrown off ledge by monsters in Chaos Wastes (game over)

As title says. Im trying to play offline with bots. Since getting grabbed and tossed off the map by a monster is an instant game over with bots, this is how all but a couple of my chaos wastes runs have ended. Unfortunately the maps all seem to have an abundant number of cliff edges and if I run into a mini boss, particularly a rat ogre or Chaos spawn, its gg. I am not the best player in the world and I can’t avoid the grabs every time. I would say 4/5 times the grab results in getting tossed out of bounds in the new maps.

Theres something particularly dissatisfying about a great run where nobody in the team has taken serious damage ending very suddenly with no second chances like if we were simply downed by enemies. My suggestion is that the possibility of game ending via falling be adjusted for offline play. Let the player be put in a revival situation at the ledge they are thrown off of, I dont care if it looks janky!


Every single time I grudgingly make it to the end event of the Citadel carrying those half assed bots, they just instantly die the second the bosses start spawning… honestly it’s infuriating how bad they are. Sometimes they just stand next to you while you’re being pounded by a gutter runner that insta 180 jumped in your face. They were somewhat ok before the patch that “fixed” the bots, but now they feel like extra difficulty