Bots jumping off edges

Hi, I just wanna say thank you for listening and letting players control bots to a (very sufficient) extent in the new update, but in order to make players not want to end their lives when soloing, there is at least one more thing you really need to tweak with bots (or maybe you have already, but it wasn´t mentioned in the patch notes). And that is their tendency to just randomly jump off various edges and incapacitate themselves. FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER. If an enemy pushes them, ok, cool, but bots just jumping off is insanely idiotic and often game-breaking.

I just lost a legend game of hunger in the dark, when just before the 2nd grimoire, during a horde, all 3 bots decided to jump to the abyss, all within a couple seconds. Before I could dispose of the horde and specials by myself and pull them up, they fell down and all died. And then I got rushed by a bunch of berserkers, a chaos warrior and more before I could revive them. Thanks, Obama.

So basically, I would like for bots to have falling off edges disabled, or, if that is not an option for any reason, even better perhaps, that they can pull themselves up in a few seconds. That way, it could still be something of an issue, but it wouldn´t ruin solo gameplay even remotely as much as it does now (especially on some maps). The best solution might be letting them pull themselves up if they fell without any enemy making them fall, but not if they got pushed, thrown, taken down by an explosion etc. That would provide pretty much no advantage, nor disadvantage to playing with bots in this regard, which is how it should be.

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