Fix the bots.

I literally just lost Into the Nest 3 times. 1st time - All 3 bots managed to jump off the ******* map for no reason after triggering 4 chaos warriors on Champion. They literally jumped over the edge before the chaos warriors even got there. Warriors pushed me back and merced the bots that felt like suicide was the best option are you serious??? They all had books and grims. 2nd time - A chaos spawn arrived and i watched bardin and kruber literally stand and do nothing as they got killed. Both with grims and books. 3rd time - I was pinned by 2 ratlings, couldnt move. What do my lovely level 30 max gear bots do? Run to the gunners, back to me, back to the gunners, back to me. they continued doing so until sienna blew up, bardin tried to get her and melted. Then kruber jumped. again. off the god **** ledge and killed himself, i tried to pull him up but the gunners they didnt kill knocked me off the ledge. They dont listen half the time when i say pick up this book. They went from literally being able to speed run champion solo and grind red items to im about to put my controller through a tv. The bots need to be fixed. I had ABSOLUTELY NO problem before the update and i have to host my own game because my internet is trash. I usually even do private because people joining completely ***** everyone most of the time and since im host they lag, bad. So i play solo which is becoming impossible and its the only way for me to not lag and have fun with this game. Its becoming not fun at all as i cant play online or host a private lobby with literal mentally handicapped bots that again, i could solo with any time, any level, speed run, and make it 100% of the time and now they act worse than a new level 1 player. No offense to new players but if youre experienced, just imagine that.


Thanks for the laughs :joy:


I think the funniest part of the whole thing is that you use a controller.


I also have an issue with the bots jumping off a cliff as soon as they see a ratling. Multiple times everything would be going great then a gunner shows up and everyone decides to go for a swim. Maybe if the gunners continued to target them it would be fine, but as it is I have to go 1 on 1 with a ratling gun and inevitably get mowed down.

Yes, PLEASE fix the bots. I play solo bots, thats the thing i do for chilling, so i’ve left and i’m playing destiny 2 (free, yay) and its actually quite fun but, well, nevermind, actually

I can accept some issues with the bots, but they mostly just keep getting worse. They jump off almost every ledge they possibly can now, in some places, with pretty much 100% certainty, which is game-breaking. They suck at picking the players up, and oftentimes screw up with lots of other things, although I personally would be fine if they just

A) wouldn´t jump/fall off edges
B) would prioritize picking up downed players and protecting them from death in any situation
C) wouldn´t aggro patrols

That way, maybe I wouldn´t also feel like killing myself 80% of the time I solo with bots.

Edit: almost forgot

D) wouldn´t take gas showers like it´s 1945 and the Red Army is advancing

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